Horoscopes for March 31st to April 7th, 2019 ~ Truth and Illusion ~ March 31, 21019

By Nadia Gilchrist


April 2nd brings the final conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. The first conjunction occurred on February 19th, and there was another on March 24th (when Mercury was Rx). This suggests ongoing questions about a fantasy, beautiful words or ultimate idea. The layers of truth and illusion have been shifting but now you should see clarification. Neptune can completely dissolve what’s false or outdated. Or, it can expose something crucial.

On April 4th, Pluto crosses the Capricorn South Node. Issues from the deep past will be excavated and purged. Confrontations with old rules, fears and authority figures will be designed to trigger a complete death and transformation of limiting structures. In some cases you may encounter results that confirm or take away your power.

The April 5th New Moon in Aries is a bold new start, but it will be somewhat restricted by a square to Saturn in Capricorn. Rather than letting rules or responsibilities bring you to a full stop, use the tension to dig in and work harder. This is about making the effort to carve out something new in a way that strengthens your independence. This Moon will also trine Ceres in Sagittarius, hinting at expansive, nurturing potential. This can grow and flourish if you’re ready to make the effort.


Mercury/Neptune in your hidden sector signals the final confirmation of a hint, secret, suspicion or dream. You’ve been dealing with this issue since Feb 19th, and it may remain hidden but you should be clear about what’s truth and what’s fantasy.

Pluto/South Node in your career sector can stir up issues of power, outdated rules and stagnant goals. An ending (involving a job, manager or your authority) will be a necessary purge of what’s no longer working for you.

The New Moon in your sign will challenge you to stand up to someone in authority, or express your authority in a new way. There may be pressure to succeed and you could feel restricted by official rules. But there’s also potential to nurture new and intriguing developments involving education, legal matters, travel or publishing. Despite the restrictions, what starts now will continue to grow.


Mercury/Neptune in your social sector can wrap up a conversation with a friend or a public announcement that’s been vague or undefined since Feb 19th. At this point the truth will be public and any hidden layers will be fully revealed.

Pluto/South Node in your sector of opportunities can confront you with the “death” of something you had faith in. You may be challenged to let go of a belief or change some plans/definitions regarding travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Too, issues from the past around these matters may emerge so you can confront anything that’s been limiting your growth.

The New Moon in your hidden sector suggests a secret ambition that’s defined and challenged by external rules and goals. Your efforts to make something official or broaden your expertise/knowledge may challenge this background ambition, but you can use the tension to define what’s currently vague. Watch for deeper sources of life and growth that you can tap into- support from someone else or a growing awareness of your psychological gifts.


Mercury/Neptune in your career sector can point the way ahead in a job search, work project or conversation with management. Potentials that have been brewing since Feb 19th can be revealed as solid or not- they may expand or dissolve. But now you’ll know the truth.

Pluto/South Node in your sector of shared resources can excavate secrets or sensitivities regarding shared finances, psychological issues or intimacy. A permanent ending, payment of a debt or deep look at what’s been buried will be part of redefining your boundaries.

The New Moon in your social sector suggests new developments involving friends, groups or your public image will be defined and/or restricted by background rules. Your awareness of hidden limits, or some deep fears/control issues, will ensure that you take full responsibility for what’s happening on a social level. A launch or venture into new social territory is possible. Look for a one-on-one relationship to be particularly supportive.


Mercury/Neptune in your sector of opportunities can reveal a major truth or area of belief, dating back to Feb 19th. Travel, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration are areas where you can gain a complete perspective, move forward with plans or (in some cases) move on from a fantasy.

Pluto/South Node in your partnership sector can stir up past relationship dynamics or signal a major turning point in an existing relationship. Watch for a partner to permanently release old habits, or signal that they’re ready for a major change. Commitments and authority can be redefined.

The New Moon in your career sector suggests new developments in a job search, with management or the expression of your authority will be defined by a partner or competitor. Tension or challenges from another can push you to bring your A game. Or, you could feel pressured to succeed according to someone else’s standards. Nonetheless, this could be a fruitful opportunity where new goals and ambitions blend nicely with your daily routines and work tasks; self-care and an awareness of what habits will help you grow are key. A new job may involve heath, food or nurturing issues.


Mercury/Neptune in your sector of shared resources can signify the turning point in a sensitive conversation, or final clarity around shared finances.

Looking back to Feb 19th, you’ve been dealing with confusing reveals and mixed messages. Now you can gain a deeper understanding of hidden dynamics.

Pluto/South Node in your sector of routine suggests the end to an old lifestyle, health situation, habit or work situation. It’s time to say goodbye to what’s outdated regarding your daily life, while accepting a new situation that’s urging you to pay closer attention to what you feel, rather than what the rules dictate.

The New Moon in your sector of opportunities will introduce exciting potentials in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing, and there’s certainly room for growth and powerful self-expression. But mundane responsibilities and restrictions in a work or health scenario will limit how far and how quickly you can jump ahead. However, know that you can still make solid progress if you follow the rules. This will require extra work, but it’s probably worth it.


Mercury/Neptune in your partnership sector signals an answer or realization about a relationship issue, dating from Feb 19th. A partner may finally put something vague or secretive into words. Or, you may see the truth about the ideals you’ve been projecting.

Pluto/South Node in your sector of self-expression suggests a culmination regarding creative work, children/pregnancy or a romantic attraction. Issues from the past may emerge so they can be finally dealt with. Or, you may be confronted with a situation where you must take yourself/your talents/your desires seriously. An ending can free you up to connect with others who value you, or can allow you to go public.

The New Moon in your sector of shared resources indicates new developments involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, intimacy or psychological issues. A new impulse or push (from someone else) can compel you to access deeper reserves of courage, but you’ll also be aware of your responsibilities around what you want. Extra work may be needed to pay off a debt, confront the truth about a relationship or do some inner exploration. Nonetheless, this can be a fruitful time to delve into the past or initiate a new era of deep nurturing and trust. Domestic and family finances are favoured, as long as you play by the rules.


Mercury/Neptune in your sector of routine indicates a key answer or diagnosis about a health or work issue. Dating back to Feb 19th, you can clarify what’s been missing or undermining while deciding on the best way to apply what you’ve discovered.

Pluto/South Node in your domestic sector can unearth family history, encouraging you to confront buried issues or deal with a permanent ending. A relocation, reconstruction, change in a family relationship or reckoning with family tradition may be in the works, allowing you to focus on your future.

The New Moon in your partnership sector signals a new relationship or new chapter in a existing relationship that’s strongly defined by your past or family history. Domestic responsibilities or family rules may push you to confront the assertiveness or independence of a partner – you’ll have to decide which rules are outdated and which domestic boundaries need to be strengthened. At the same time, one-on-one communication can flourish as exciting new ideas are nurtured.


Mercury/Neptune in your sector of self-expression can reveal an answer regarding a romantic attraction, creative work, children/pregnancy or special dream. This dates back to Feb 19th, when the beautiful idea or promise first materialized. Now you’ll see all the layers and you’ll know if any of them are real.

Pluto/South Node in your communication sector can unearth a conversation or meeting from the past that defines a current set of rules. Too, you can see the results of an official contract or answer that will take you forward, but the key will be that there’s no going back after this. An ending or challenge to what you think is a sign that you’re meant to expand your worldview.

The New Moon in your sector of routine introduces a now health or work regime that’s clearly defined by a diagnosis, agreement or focus on certain information. You’ll know exactly what you have to work with and what you have to improve, although there can be pressure to do more or discipline yourself. At the same time, know that this new direction can nurture finances and self-esteem if you’re prepared to do the work.


Mercury/Neptune in your domestic sector can wrap up a family conversation or information about your home, dating from Feb 19th. Vague details, hints or shifting stories from the past can be clarified as you see what you can move forward with and what needs to be released. This can also signify an apology or compassionate goodbye to a family member.

Pluto/South Node in your sector of personal resources will confront you with financial realities or a lingering issue around self-esteem or personal values. You may need to make a permanent change to habits that have been undermining you. Or, you could see the results of past financial habits. In some cases there can be a major change to income.

The New Moon in your sector of self-expression introduces an exciting new attraction, creative impulse or celebration, but this will be defined by financial or self-esteem issues. Rather than allowing restrictions to shut you down, use the tension to work harder and hone your talents/self-worth. The trine to Ceres in your sign suggests this can be a bountiful opportunity for you to grow and shine. In some cases, issues with children are favoured.

Capricorn Mercury/Neptune in your communication sector brings clarity about an issue dating from Feb 19th. A beautiful promise, idea or dream has shifted or revealed confusing layers. In some cases, you hay have been dealing with deception. Now you can pinpoint what’s real, what has potential and what was an illusion.

Pluto/South Node in your sign signifies a major goodbye and door closing on the past. An ending will be permanent and may feature past issues being unearthed (in some cases, someone from the past may reappear). Power/control issues and fears may be triggered. But the point is to purge what’s no longer valid and redefine your existing rules. The way forward involves more balanced, emotionally satisfying connections with others.

The New Moon in your domestic sector indicates a new chapter with home and family, but the square to Saturn in your sign indicates that you’ll be responsible for much. Or, you could feel pressure to guide events along a certain path. This new beginning has fruitful potential – there’s room for something positive and (as yet) unseen to grow, but consider the difference between taking responsibility versus micromanaging all aspects.


Mercury/Neptune in your sector of personal resources can clarify an undefined financial or emotional issue from Feb 19th. Difficulty separating fact from fiction in a financial agreement, or clarifying what you really want, can be resolved as you see exactly what has potential to expand and what’s fading away.

Pluto/South Node in your hidden sector suggests a background ending or realization about outdated rules/fears/restrictions that must be purged. This can be a major transformation or connection with a past issue, but you may be the only one who sees what’s happening. In some cases, hidden issues of manipulation or power plays may be resolved.

The New Moon in your communication sector can trigger a vibrant conversation or assertive idea, but you’ll be dealing with background or unseen rules. Hidden restrictions can define the parameters of what you’re communicating or contemplating, but they will also add necessary focus. This issue can expand favourably on a social level, but you will have to follow certain rules.


Mercury/Neptune in your sign hi-lights a key idea or conversation, dating back to Feb 19th. You’ve been back and forth over this subject, contemplating its validity. Watch for a final answer that tells you if this is real or not. In some cases, the entire issue may fade away. In other cases, an ultimate potential can be revealed.

Pluto/South Node in your social sector can reconnect you with a friend or group association from the past. In some cases, you’ll be confronting the results of past events around your public reputation. In all cases, you’ll be looking at what’s no longer relevant regarding those you associate with or social rules you’ve been following. Pluto can also confront you with issues of social power and influence -this is about leaving behind whatever’s been preventing you from fully expressing your true self.

The New Moon in your sector of personal resources can introduce a new source of income or new impulse regarding self-esteem or the assertion of your values. But you will have to deal with certain social rules or responsibilities. Rather than allowing these restrictions to shut you down, consider the work you have to do to succeed, and how you can foster self-sufficiency in this environment. These energies are connected to a favourable career opportunity that promises the nurturing of an expansive future – if you’re willing to take charge of what you want.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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