World Federation Government – Ben Fulford ~ March 26, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is just a note to be aware of discernment in reading this post by Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin is well-acquainted with geo-political maneuvering, but has not shown much sense of spiritual enlightenment.

Does this make what he reports wrong? Definitely not, but the reasons for the actions he reports are not what he suspects. So…please read this report,understand the reasons for actions taken which he reports on are not what he thinks, and be…



World Federation Government. By Ben Fulford.

The month of March continues its madness with an unprecedented historical event, the formation of the first-ever world federation government, unfolding before our eyes.

What is happening is that the P2 Freemason lodge, the people who created monotheism, are making a deal with the Asian secret societies to create a “world federation government,” P2 and Asian secret society sources confirm.

The only people standing in the way now are Satan-worshipers and fanatical Zionists who still cling to ancient superstitions.


There are multiple news events that confirm this. For example, take look at this picture of negotiations between China and Monaco on the official Chinese news site Xinhua.

Does this look like negotiations between a two-square-kilometer country with a population of 38,400 and the government of 1.4 billion Chinese?

World Federation Government - Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with Prince Albert II

Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with Prince Albert II (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi)

World Federation Government

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What is really going on is that Monaco is headquarters of the very powerful and secretive Monaco Freemason Lodge, otherwise known as P2.

This means Monaco is a powerful city-state rivaling Washington, D.C., the City of London, and the Vatican, P2 sources say.

World Federation Government - Count Licio Gelli - P2/Propaganda 2

Count Licio Gelli – P2/Propaganda 2

World Federation Government

World Federation Government - Count Licio Gelli - P2/Propaganda 2

Count Licio Gelli – P2/Propaganda 2

World Federation Government

They are discussing cooperation “in such fields as science and technology, innovation, ecological and environmental protection, wildlife conservation, and renewable energy.”

The Chinese official media are also openly talking about a “new era” as if it has already begun.

In describing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, Xinhua reports, “China stands ready to join hands with Italy to firmly keep the direction of bilateral relations in the new era,” and negotiate “major issues such as the United Nations affairs, global governance, climate change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

World Federation Government - Xi Jinping with Mattarella

Xi Jinping with Mattarella (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi)

World Federation Government

he Asian secret societies decided to negotiate directly with the Italian secret societies following the failed summit meeting on February 27th between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un.

This summit made it clear to them that Trump was not really in charge, MI6 and Asian secret society sources say.

That’s why Xi Jinping cancelled his planned March meeting with Trump and went to Italy “to meet the real bosses,” the representatives of the 13 bloodlines, say MI6 sources.

Now, the entire superficial story about the Trump/Kim summit being between an impoverished nation of 25 million people and the world’s superpower is falling apart.

For example, former CIA Korea mission chief Andrew Kim revealed as much when he told an audience in Seoul, Korea last week that Kim had demanded the complete demilitarization of both Hawaii and Guam as well as the dismantling of the U.S. Indo-Pacific naval fleet.

The fact that Kim, ostensibly the head of a tiny, bankrupt nation, felt able to make such a demand confirms that he is in fact a senior Asian secret society boss, just as NSA sources have long been telling us.

In any case, another unusual sign came with the end of the Robert Mueller investigation of “Russian election interference” being announced on March 22—or 322, the Skull and Bones number.

Skull and Bones is widely known as a secret society from Yale University, but P2 Freemasons say the original skull and bones can be found in a church in Rome built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in the year 322.

Here is a picture of the original skull and bones sculpture located there.

World Federation Government - Skull and Bones Roma

Skull and Bones Roma

World Federation Government

This date was chosen by the P2 people as a sign to insiders of a fundamental change, according to P2 Freemason sources.

It is also no coincidence that Japan is going to announce the name of its new era on April 1st and install a new Emperor on May 1st, Asian secret society sources say.

The birth of the new era is also going to be seen with the implosion of Zionism, multiple sources agree.

Pentagon sources say that if the Israeli people re-elect the Satan-worshiping mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, then there would be a short, sharp military campaign to remove the criminal Israeli and Saudi regimes.

The likely trigger would be a move by Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt to seize the Golan Heights, Pentagon sources say.

The sources add that Trump’s “illegal” recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights “is not backed by U.S. military force and isolates Israel even further with massive international opposition from the UN, EU, UK, France, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Iran, etc.

The sources add that Trump “plays the puppet doing things for Israel until one day he doesn’t.

The Golan issue is just “another nail in the coffin of Zionism,” the sources continue.

They note that the Zionist thought police Southern Poverty Law Center is imploding, and Democratic party politicians are boycotting a meeting being held by the AIPAC lobbying group (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

To Be Continued…

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