Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Boundaries Crucial Now for Divine Feminine ~ March 20, 2019

By matahariji

Dearest Beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. It is our deepest honour to come forward in this moment of your time with a very important and activating message for all of you Frontline way-shower, twin soul starseeds. These are such incredibly exciting times that we are all living in and everybody is noticing the intensity of the energetics as we build up now towards the equinox gateway. Please know that as we approach this upcoming wave of March equinox, already many many are reporting atmospheric anomalies, unusual symptoms and heightened perception. Beloveds this is all indicative of the energy of the huge wave that is trickling in now.

During times such as this it is important to remember that you will experience more dehydration than normal so drink lots of Spring water or natural coconut water if you can, also remember to walk barefoot on the Earth. This is the number 1 remedy for ascension light influx symptoms. Rest is also crucial and meditate as much as possible. Avoid stress, drama, toxic relationships and situations.Dearest beloveds, you know all this. You remember all this. You know intuitively all about “The event”.

Everyone alive on Earth at this time is well aware they have incarnated into a planet which is about to Ascend into a 5th dimensional paradise Realm. It is now simply a matter of placing your ears very very closely to your heart and receiving all your guidance from there.All of our power lies in our hearts consciousness. We all know that too. Therefore to levitate and bilocate, and to instantly heal we must be anchored firmly in our heart consciousness, and all egoic thought forms must be purified in the chambers of the sacred Christed heart.

We would now like to take a moment to talk about the current energetics that are playing out between the Divine masculine and feminine currently.Many of you in the ascension community will be aware that the divine feminine has recently broken through an extremely important Ascension seal that kept her tied into a delusional belief that she needed to be in physical Union with the Divine masculine in order to be fully and completely successful with her spiritual mission.

Due to these unconscious programs, this kept the Divine feminine at a place where she was willing to accept very basic crumbs from the Divine masculine.However with this huge collective breakthrough the divine feminine no longer feels pulled towards or attracted to, a relationship with a man who isn’t present for her – She has fully and completely awoken from the nightmare of not knowing the difference between loving and honouring her self and giving her heart to a man who never shows up.

This has activated so many shifts in her as the old feelings of attachment for the unavailable masculine is no longer in her energy field, resulting in her being now repelled energetically by this toxic behaviour, when one is continually attracted to a man who isn’t showing up indicates a wounded vibration in the divine feminine that needs healing, but rest assured Once she heals this vibration in herself, it is inevitable that she entirely loses interest in this old paradigm masculine energy.

It is very important now for the Divine feminine to know that she will be tested by her higher self particularly around diligence and vigilance with her sacred boundaries. Please know that all of the galactic forces in the universe are supporting the Divine feminine to fully and completely rise and roar like the Lioness Mother Father God created her to be.

For too long the Wounded feminine has kept silent not wanting to cause. a fuss or attract unwanted attention. This has insured that many divine masculines have been able to get away with highly inappropriate behaviour due to the Divine feminines lack of ability to stand up and speak her truth.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the Divine feminine now rising up to speak the truth even if her voice wobbles… The only way the 5th dimensional new Earth Paradigm can anchor into this earthly grid is when the collective feminine Rises as one with clear and vigilant boundaries.

Please know that all of the forces in the universe are supporting you to do this, and every time you rise and speak your truth you are creating brand new neural pathways for your daughters and your daughters daughters which will prevent them from ever being silenced ever ever again.

for everybody on the Ascension path it is apparent that the March energies are unprecedented and many people are experiencing a wide variation of energetic anomalies internally and externally please know that The timeline of the wave also known as the solar flash event is entirely dependent on humanity’s collective vibration.

As we have stated over and over again the more gaias vibration aligns with the tsunami of God particles that are hovering in the atmosphere, the sooner the huge wave will arrive.

All that is not real and authentic and rooted in the truth of soul connection and unconditional love is being highlighted at an unprecedented rate in this current energetic gateway,  

It is so important that as many of you as possible come forward to be part of this very important equinox transmission that will take place this Wednesday at 11:11 a.m. Pacific time.

In this transmission we are being guided to work very closely with the blue avian beings in Mount shasta who will be working with us on an extremely deep level to fully and completely remove the archonic reptilian child trafficking child sex abuse grid from Gaia Through reinstating The Importance and significance of the Innocence of the Divine holy child as being the most precious energy on this earthly realm.

There are many other aspects to the equinox transmission and please know that each transmission will continue to intensify for all of us who take part. Please see full details to book below.

“The Event” or the “Collective Rapture” as it is also known is dependent solely on humanities collective vibration. So we urge you now to stabilize in your higher heart knowing. Be kind and unconditionally loving at all times, and know that you are not your story, and forgive all immediately.

in love and eternal light

Jenji and the white wolf tribe 




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    Women led , holding hearts open for Divine Masculine and all of Gaia’s children .
    We are each a child .
    Feeling this shift of Divinity 💯🙏🏼😘


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