My Thoughts ~ March 17, 2019

Hello, my friends,

A LOT is happening in our world out there right now, leading me to give you my personal perspective on what is”going on”. Many have questions, many have fears, and many have hopes and dreams for their “future”.

Most of you reading this message will realize your, and my, questions revolve around the spirituality of this “time” in our earthly lives. Because I know my earthly body is not the entirety of Who I Am, I have asked my Higher Self for a tad more insight into this upcoming week af the Spring Equinox.

Yes, the “Event” will take place during the Spring Equinox! This will consist of a huge amount of Photonic Light from the Central Sun in our galaxy being “funneled” through our sun. Sol, onto the Earth (a well as the rest of Sol’s planetary system). This high photon energy (probably not seen, but “felt) will end lower vibrations on Earth, thus raising the bar for existence on our Planet, and….elsewhere in our galaxy and Universe! Everyone everywhere will “move up a notch”.

There is the possibility of “future” photonic waves of similar intensity reinforcing the wave occurring at the Spring Equinox. The date of the Spring Equinox is also the end of Pisces (the close of the astrological year) and the beginning of the astrological sign of Aries ( the start of the astrological beginnings!)

Although this is a tremendously exciting time, for those who are spiritually aware, how will this affect, well…everyone else? Most will feel an internal sense of relief and will be most welcoming to the positive changes that will be seen on the Earth in short order. The FISA documents will be released leading to a massive housecleaning in the government of the US. Other governments on Earth will change in a positive manner as well leading to a global society of trust and mutual admiration! Cultures will remain intact, and in fact, advanced by this “event”.

I don’t know details, but decisions will be made to “clean house” of both people and processes that are harmful to the Earth and it’s inhabitants. Society will begin to move away from the ruthless “dog eat dog” standards which is all we have ever known in the old “3D” earth. You and I will still have to work for a short while until standards are changed releasing us from economic slavery!

Economic standards WILL change due to the introduction of Galactic technologies, plus the mental power of thought for those who are aware… to be able to manifest whatever they need/want/desire as long as the intent is for the highest good of all! Greed should disappear quickly…isn’t that a really wonderful change?

My advice at this point? We can all see the blocks for the current organization of our society about to fall. So…be prepared for a smidgen of chaos quickly followed by truly glorious times as a new “vibe” influences ALL area of our lives! Medicine, Finance, Education, Housing, Agriculture, Travel, and Manufacturing (have I left out any aspect of our Earthly lives?) will all change quickly bring the reintroduction of JOY (!!) into our earthly existence.

Stay tuned as these changes commence, be of good cheer, and be…



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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