A Bird Flew Out of the Sun: Major Upgrade #1 Inbound ~ March 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yippee! Please read the article below and know the time is at hand to begin our transition into another mode of consciousness, another mode of perception which WILL change our world!

Please read the article below, understand how global space agencies like to censor as a means of keeping us in the dark (think Alt media!), and be…



A Bird Flew Out of the Sun: Major Upgrade #1 Inbound
published on Schrodinger’s Other Cat, on March 9, 2019

Wow. Look what happened:


More biggies exiting the sun… and more censorship. Note the time stamps of the below STEREO images:

So much for that

Just a bit of a gap. Censor much, NASA? Here’s one of the things they were hiding:


*Very* interesting CMEs inbound, hence the censorship:

Talk about symbolism.


Notice more of NASA’s censorship.

There was another CME/flare right before this one, as we mentioned in the previous post (one that just “appeared,” see UPDATE3).

Note that these are not threats: they are reprogramming — and the fulfillment of a promise — paving the road for the transition from 3d to 4d/5d. Looks like this first one is gonna hit on 3/11, which is rather poetic. Expect WHOMPs. We’re guessing that this is Official SOURCE Notification #1 for The SHIFT… but don’t rule out more obvious fireworks… on a number of levels. It was actually already on our calendars as “MAJOR UPGRADE #1” (thanks to a commenter Michelle, and others). We expect the next “notification” 2-3 days before 3/15. And perhaps another (#3?) around 3/20.

FYI, The CATs are planning to fast 24 hours prior to each upgrade to ease the effects (on ourselves).

Oh, the “leaders” of various governments and nasty organizations will soon see this for what it is and start vanishing into their hidey holes and start drinking; they may raise alarm bells to foment fear, but what else is new? Like anything they do is gonna stop a force designed to change the entire universe.

Btw, here was tonight’s sunset over Italy:

A bird and then this. Hello?


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