Late Headlines and Updates for March 3, 2019: Waking, Awake, and Wide Awake [videos]

Have you noticed the conversations we’re having have changed dramatically in two years since Donald Trump was elected? Not just around politics and corruption; all kinds of things, including our cosmic neighbourhood. Fascinating updates in a separate post coming up.

Yes, the landscape of life on Earth has evolved with the consciousness of Humanity and we can speak more intelligently about what we see—or don’t see. We have folks at all stages of revival now that the smelling salts of truth have been waved under our noses.

The President doesn’t delegate all the work, either. He was on fire at CPAC (long, but watch as much or as little as you choose via that link) and amped up the education he’s giving the People, ejecting truth like a flame-thrower. He will be taking full advantage of those opportunities like his rallies to plaster the truth all over America to prepare the public for what is coming.

This next video contains a terrific review of election night 2016  on “QNN” and the lead in which underscores what a shock it was to the deep state when Hillary lost. Never say, “never”.  I hadn’t seen most of this footage before and it’s priceless—in hindsight. Sorry, Cenk. And yes—Trey Gowdy speaks of “tribunals”.

Trey Gowdy talks TRIBUNALS : We are the news NOW

Q posted the following and we need to maintain our situational awareness. “March Madness” could mean anything this year. It sounds as though it’s going to be a big news month for us. FFs are a definite possibility.

New: Title TBD

2942Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 3 Mar 2019 – 3:59:38 PM


Full-scale attack.
March Madness.

Dave at the X22 Report had Harley Schlanger on the other day and it was a fantastic exchange.

Truth Is On The Side Of The Patriot, Nothing Can Stop What Happens Next: Harley Schlanger

Sir Patrick Mack was on the Q posts first thing this morning and brought us this update just prior to Q dropping a couple of major loafs.

Q Anon/News – Roast, or Burn? – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 3.3.19

Won’t it be interesting to officially learn where all the trillions of taxpayer dollars went over the years?

NY Mayor’s Wife Can’t Explain Where $850 Million in Taxpayer Money Went

Big Brother just keeps getting bigger… and badder.  Video at the link with the article.

Breaking alert: Amazon bans “anti-vax” films, with books the next target


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