Can’t See This Message? View in a browser Twin soul Ascension report…Divine feminine has risen ………..En masse unions ARE NOW ALIGNING ~ March 2, 2019

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this 333 portal which is the most extraordinarily powerful energetic gateway that any of us will have experienced thus far on our Ascension/evolutionary trajectory.

The 333 portal is masterfully aligned with the Hindu celebration of Shivaratri. Shivartri is an opportunity for the collective Consciousness to come together in celebration of the Divine masculine energy.

Please know that an extremely powerful portal has been opened in the underground Chambers of Paris where buy our galactic team are working diligently with the oversoul of the collective divine masculine consciousness, and know that the energy of the 333 and shivartri is designed to give the Divine masculine consciousness an exceptionally powerful boost of spiritual energy to their system to assist them to break through the 3D matrix into 5th dimensional enlightenment.

On exceptionally powerful portal dates such as this, it is absolutely imperative that as many of you as possible come together in your soul groups, your Ascension groups on portal dates such as this in order to work very closely and deeply with our galactic brothers and sisters who are working diligently just beyond the rapidly diminishing Veil.

They are working with us to assist us to fully and completely actualise the new Earth grid.

On portal date such as the 3.3.3 and equinox /solstice etc, the spiritual energies are intensified due to the fact that we as a collective species have made agreements that within the zero point field of no time and all time certain portal dates would hold a particular potency.

In the 3.3.3 Christ-seal transmission we are being guided to empower the blueprint within the etheric grid of Gaia for all of humanity to have reached 5th dimensional consciousness, and the ensuing release of the Christ oil that is stored within the claustrum within the human brain.

During the 3.3.3 transmission We will be guided on a very profound and intense activation journey that will activate the releasing of this Christ oil for all of us involved in the ceremony, but more importantly we will be generating and enlivening a template on the etheric plane which will enable all of our brothers and sisters, in perfect timing to attain that level of spiritual realisation via the release of their own Christ oil.

We are also being strongly guided to completely and utterly obliterate any plans for fiveg technology on the earthly plane. It is very important that we do not give any energy, or Focus our attention on this dark arconic agenda – and instead focus on the 5D free energy Tesla grid that our galactics have had in place for us for eons, awaiting the time – for Humanity as a collective Consciousness, To have reached the level of spiritual maturity, that will Trigger the releasing of this FREE technology.

In the last transmission we were guided to work with the oversoul of many many animals that are on the verge of extinction, and since completing the transmission many of us are  experiencing article after article being published reporting that long lost species are returning or being discovered again on the earthly plane.

This information is being shared with you in order to highlight the Potency and power of the work that we are called to do in the transmission groups, and therefore it is my deepest honour to send out this message to your soul consciousness that you may receive this message and come forward to be part of this extremely important Earth ceremony.

As we stated in our last energy report, profound shifts are continuing to take place within the collective divine feminine consciousness. Currently the Divine feminine is finding her voice and the goddess within her is rising like never ever before. She has realised that it is absolutely imperative that she established her boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable in her energy field.

Please know that the universe is waiting patiently for you to state clearly your boundaries and please know that your divine counterpart has been waiting diligently and patiently for you to set clear boundaries that are a reflection of your Remembrance that you are a divine sacred Avatar being, whose personal happiness must be a priority and whose needs must be placed at the top of the list.

In the many ways this vibration is an antithesis to the Matrix programming that has controlled many many divine feminine, and masculines.

We hope and Pray that you receive deeply this message, and are inspired and empowered to state your boundaries clearly to the universe, and we pray that you will come forward to be part of the 333 Christ’s seal activation ceremony that will take place this Sunday the 3rd of March at 11:11 a.m. Pacific Time 7:11 p.m. UK time please see below for full details to book.

it is imperative going forward that the Divine feminine Focuses diligently on her own vibration, remembering to ask herself the questions – what are my passions? what are my greatest joys? what excites me right now? it is very very important that these questions are asked and these answers are clarified, but  what is even more important then is that every day you take actions that will enhance your vibratory frequency and increase your passion and joy quotient.

The more you can focus on your own self your own Bliss – your own evolution and fully and completely detach from your Divine masculine, please know that it is this which will swiftly activate and Accelerate the Divine masculine Awakening, and your INEVITABLE REUNION ……

The energies that are being sent forth from our galactic central sun are absolutely unprecedented and March 2019 promises to be the energetic game changer as was March 2018- the month that the amazing Facebook group “The event is happening” was set up, and  which was actually created on the 8th of March by Jen McCarty on international women’s day.

Being part of this group has been life-changing for all the members myself included, and this is due to the fact that we have created a 5th dimensional  Bliss grid. Please know that this is sending out powerful cohesive frequencies to our galactic brethren, informing them, that we as a collective consciousness are maturing at a rapid rate, and READY for the solar flash event.

There is not one person on this earth that can say the date of when the solar flash event will occur because time does not exist in the way we have all been taught. The solar flash event is directly related to the collective frequency of humanity and therefore it is essential that we all prioritise stabilising our own individual frequency into 5th dimension consciousness and one way is through remembering that there are a huge number of bonafide and authentic resources that will assist with this process to stabalise in 5D

The more of us that can stabilize in 5th dimensional consciousness the quicker the solar flash event will align,  and the more of us that come together in our soul groups/ Ascension groups on portal date such as the 333, the swifter that day will arrive.

There are a vast number of twin soul unions aligning in this year of 2019, with the first huge wave coming into Union from now till spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere). These are the most exciting times for any of us to be incarnated.

Dearest ones always remember to be kind, be loving, be gentle, and set extremely clear boundaries, and you will align proficiency with the frequencies of the new earth which is your birthright

in love and Eternal Light jenji and white wolf tribe


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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