It’s All a Lie [videos] ~ February 17, 2019

You may have heard that everything we were ever told is a lie. I don’t think most of us suspect how far that applies when we first hear it.

There are many critical-thinking researchers who show us just how deep that truth goes and I dug up a number of riveting videos.

I’ve been traveling the world through researchers’ eyes the past couple of weeks and discovered solid evidence the deception goes far deeper than we commonly see.

I found myself wanting to go back to the places I’ve visited across the planet so I could view them with new eyes, having removed the blinders and discarded the lies told by books, school, and tour guides who were deceived about their own culture.

Much of the revolutionary data is scientifically proven, while other information is researchers’ deductions about what the science found. The possibilities are most intriguing whether you buy into all of it or not.

For years we have shared historical information at Starship Earth illustrating that giants once roamed our planet. Some say they may still be here, hiding “in stasis”. To think that “sleeping giants” might exist within the Earth is not a stretch and they might soon emerge, according to some accounts due to the “great awakening” process ongoing here.

Folks who have not travelled to Europe may not be familiar with this next topic, but it’s well documented and a researcher has serious questions about the architecture. Some of it is simply colossal.

You may have wondered how men could have built with such precision the gigantic pyramids, cathedrals, and monolithic columns as we see in Greek architecture, for example. They would like us to think they did it with manual labour and a few simple mechanical tools, but we’re suspecting they used technology as simple as sound vibration that rendered solid substances like rock as light as a feather.

Regardless, one of the most fundamental questions however, would be why would we build such enormous structures for people 6 – 6.5 feet tall, at the most?

This next bit of research will probably set you back on your heels.

Colossus Certified Biological in origin by MFU

That may be difficult for some to believe, but there’s also this:

CIA document states “Russian soldiers were turned to STONE” after Alien attack

You may have also heard that off-world controllers completely rewrote history, created languages, redrew maps, and altered time to hide previous civilizations and “reset” Humanity.

How do we account for the ancient, weathered structures and architecture on the planet, as well as the sheer size of them? To many, it’s obvious that some serious alterations and coverups were done.

Time is often out of whack when dating of archeological sites is validated and we learn they are far older than our history books claim.

We’re told the pyramids of Giza were tombs but there is no evidence of that at all. There is evidence of electricity in use thousands of years ago yet it seems to be a problem for us now and we pay through the nose for it. Our civilization seems to be regressing, instead of progressing, and that we’re told everything but the truth.

It only takes a couple of generations to wipe clean the memories of living people so they forget the past and reality. The controllers manage the print media, news and education system so they control our perceptions of what reality is. And if it’s all made up?

The implications of this next video are staggering. We’re used to seeing ancient, ornate and complicated architecture on a grand scale in Europe, but in America? This next researcher will blow your mind. It’s infuriating to know that our history was destroyed to keep secrets and to enable the jailers to manipulate us.

Inheritors of a Nation

Ancient cartography may not be the most accurate, but in many respects probably doesn’t lie like our current charts. Get a load of the information on these old maps. You’ll never see the world the same way again. You’ll be gobsmacked long before he even gets to the Panama Canal.

We see evidence in our world that the El-ites experiment with DNA and hybridizing species. We hear myths and legends about minotaurs, centaurs, mermaids—all combinations of Humans and other creatures. We see drawings in caves and on old maps. Is it merely artwork? Primitive people didn’t seem to have imagination in their illustrations. Pictographs and etchings were for recording what they experienced; their everyday lives or notable events.

We understand massive efforts have been underway for a long time to eradicate historical evidence of past civilizations, extraterrestrial influence, and Human evolution. They would like us to believe that Humans are the only intelligent life form living on Earth… but are we? There is evidence that we share our planet with other sentient life forms. How do you think that will go over once it’s public?

Panama Canal & Suez Canal Already Built in 1587 + Atlantis Found & Antarctica Populated

And what about the scriptures and historical writings suggesting that planetary resets have occurred in the past; that a continent called Atlantis was purposely sunk beneath the waves to eliminate an evil, advanced society that evolved? Floods, volcanoes, fires, earthquakes, ice ages… were any of them part of a reset to cleanse the planet so the controllers could start over?

It’s almost like some powerful force considers Earth and all life upon it like play dough they can mold and manipulate, and if things don’t go well, just smoosh it all back into a big ball again and start over. Rewrite the history books, create artwork to represent reality, prevent Humans from visiting certain areas of the planet under military control and spin the lies.

Currently the central banking system is in its death throes. We’ve seen all manner of “natural disasters”; sink holes, collapsing mountains and mud slides, fireballs, months worth of rain falling in a matter of days, horrific storms with winds that wipe out entire towns, record cold, record heat, disappearing wildlife and massive die-offs with some species going extinct. Some may wonder if we’re not at the point of another reset as everything seems to be haywire.

David Wilcock tells us about a solar flash, also known by some as The Event that is known throughout the ages as a regular occurrence at the end of an Earth age—where we are said to be now—when things are so bad they can’t get any worse.

It was considered a positive shift for Humanity, and we seem to be expecting something of this sort as we slide toward a global cooling cycle some are calling a “mini ice age” within the grand solar minimum.

It’s interesting to hear the historical accounts from multiple ancient societies about the flash of transcendence that propelled Humans into another realm, another vessel, and another reality in a Golden Age.

Unfortunately, everything in the past is hearsay, and the future hasn’t happened yet as far as we’re concerned. We will just have to hang in there and see what awaits. Hopefully it will be a lot better than what we are currently experiencing.

It can’t get much worse, can it? We’re down to the 11th hour now and fighting to keep our fractious civilization civilized and our planet in one habitable piece.  ~ BP

David Wilcock: Ascension Through the Ages (LIVE 2/16, 4PM PT!)


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