LA Confidential: Intel Says Military Op was Removing Bio Weapon [videos] ~ February 13, 2019

We have two videos with more intel on the Los Angeles helicopter activity.


Daniel Lee received intel from one of his sources that a bio weapon threat existed that needed to be addressed. Video below.

Black hawk helicopters landed on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles and it appeared an extraction took place with explosions. Special ops were identified and it appeared the operatives wore bio-hazard suits.

The army released a statement saying military exercises would be ongoing for a few days in the Los Angeles area, which the local media announced.

Military folks told us there’s no way the military would ever “practice” in the middle of a city where civilians could potentially be harmed.

The new information suggests:

The activities in LA involved two separate locations. The army exercises the media spoke about were in one location, the black hawk special ops extractions and explosions took place in a different location, on Wilshire Blvd. involving the building belonging to the lawyer involved with NXIVM, child trafficking, etc.

Intel from a high up source in the military says the teams doing the extraction were hand picked by the President so no chance of cabal military could be involved.

The building they breached was scheduled to be demolished next month, and what they removed was a bio weapon that was meant to be dispersed with the subsequent demolition charges. Obviously an airborne bio hazard would not affect only America.

There is also video (second one) of one of the choppers being hosed down which would only be done in the event of a bio hazard.

A massive drug bust at the Port of Los Angeles recently indicates the volume of meth flowing into the country.

It’s not difficult to see the situation is dire for the deep state with threats like these and “fireballs” such as the ones that sailed over Cuba and Venezuela that don’t meet the criteria, with some suggesting at least one of them might have been an ICBM. It seems someone may be shooting down these weapons before they can harm us. It would be interesting to see debris left after the fires in Venezuela to know what started them.

It should be clear to everyone now that the problem in America is not simply a difference of political opinion. This is war on a planetary scale and QAnon and the President are in the thick of it, making them targets. QAnon made reference to events a year ago that we are just now learning the significance of, so there is no longer any question as to the team’s origin or their intel.

Watch these excellent videos for updates on this situation and more. RedPill78 does a great job.  ~ BP

Confidential Tip on LA MIL SPEC OPS

Chopper Clean Up Confirmation and Connections

Daniel Lee’s latest video with intel about bio weapon. He did others, as well.

His source, “Pete”, made a good point about the deep state keeping all their eggs in one basket. Is there only one location involved, or are they investigating additional bio threats? I am confident the White Hats are monitoring and investigating every possible aspect of a multi-threat situation.

We understand there are ways to neutralize these threats, but would it be in time? Now that they have one sample of the material I believe they can come up with an antidote. If there were additional threats in other locations they might or might not be the same material.

We were told the cabal would never surrender, and claimed they would endeavour to take us all with them if they went down. It appears they’re true to their word.  ~ BP

Bio Weapons, IPOT, Military Insider & Human Trafficking

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