Helicopters Reported in the Middle of Los Angeles, Bio-Hazard Suits Related to Yorba Linda Plane Crash & Las Vegas [videos] ~ February 6, 2019

The Patriots have their eyes and ears on and they are paying attention. Interesting times we live in, everyone agrees.

The fun part is sifting through all the information, witness accounts, expertise, and media reports to try to make sense of it.

I think we got some decent intel from What Does it Mean, below.

There are some interesting reports out there about helicopters. Yesterday 4 Apaches flew over our house in a diamond formation, heading SE toward Florence, AZ. The prison is in Florence. I like to think they’re taking cabal prisoners there.

It’s not uncommon to have Apaches and Chinooks flying over, sometimes in the middle of the night, but usually during the day.

However, the video above appears in two videos below. One is Randall Taylor RKTNN channel show helicopters on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles in the middle of the night. Extractions?

A caller of his confirmed 8 choppers heading up Interstate 15 on Monday night toward March Reserve Air Base.

It was reported to be a US Army training drill from Feb. 4 – 9th according to a press release. No lamestream media reported on it. Some folks are thinking it’s preparation for martial law. We always think that, don’t we?

Explosions were reported, as well.

We had a lot of news of this kind in 2013-2015 and we were told it was to get the public accustomed to having the military in the streets for our promised “police state” when they were going to round up the dissidents, disarm them, and toss them into FEMA camps.

Another caller said a non-active group of marines were deployed to LA County in Blackhawks as Special forces. They said they soldiers were carrying a box and to send Special Forces in to do something like that it must have important contents. He said the explosions were flash-bangs that are used when they expect resistance in the extraction.

He doesn’t think it’s drills because they have had so much action in the past few years they don’t need any more training.

Another caller with a lot of military in the family said they don’t do drills in the middle of a city, they do them in mock cities so civilians aren’t hurt.

Randal says there are very expensive lofts in the Wilshire Blvd. area so it’s possible it’s VIPs being extracted.

Lots to think about there.

Then I found this had arrive in my in box, which ties in the plane crash near Yorba Linda, California we covered the other day. Now we know the significance.

It’s also related to the Las Vegas hotel false flag shooting. BOOM?

US Special Forces Descend On Los Angeles After CIA Pilot Linked To Las Vegas Massacre Blown Out Of Sky

Daniel Lee reports that it appears President Trump ordered a drill involving haz mat or bio hazard suits and shows the same video and his contact, Pete, spoke of  Trump’s strategy to deal with the bio threat.

Drills? They aren’t usually drills if past experience is any indication. They always tell the public it’s drills. And what typically happens during or shortly following drills? False flag events.

The above is all second hand or third hand information and not gospel. Don’t panic.

We’re not to worry about anything, just maintain our situational awareness to keep ourselves safe and remain calm.  ~ BP

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