Are You Paying the Ultimate Price for Convenient Technology That’s Really Spyware? FaceTime Exposed [video] ~ January 31, 2019

When will it end? We continue to learn about new ways Big Brother is spying on us.

People really need to pay attention to the fine print when they download apps or buy technology any more. All corporations have to do is disclose the fact that they’re gathering personal information from the user, even in an obscure way, and have you agree to it—which may be as simple as downloading it and/or using it—and you’ve given your legal consent.

Big Brother isn’t only watching, he’s listening, recording, and sending out information like emails, apparently—even with audio attachments of conversations to who knows who? Shocking, isn’t it?

Convenience is a high price to pay for a set of artificial eyes and ears feeding private information to data collectors who then sell it and profit. They take your private data, make a lot of money, and you get what? Exactly. You’re a commodity AND sacrifice your privacy, and possibly that of anyone you interact with.

Do you really want to generate income for peeping Toms and eavestroppers? Technology has been weaponized.

I’m super sensitive to data collection and any indication they’re doing it. My computer harassed me until I approved another dreaded Microsoft update and this morning when I opened Word I got a “Good morning” which had me fuming. Don’t you “good morning” me, you SOB. It’s none of your business what time of day it is where I am and you’re not my friend.

When I start up my PC every day I get panoramic pictures with little notes all over them such as, “Like what you see?” Click it and they are happy to send you to a travel website or somewhere they can use you to make money.

Aren’t you sick of being “sold to” all the time? Advertising is everywhere. We’re consumers, alright, whether we want to be or not, and Big Tech is enabling the globalists and their crony corporations to get rich on our personal data and preferences—even inferred—as explained in the video below.

We have to get rid of these monopolistic Big Tech companies. They spend all their R&D resources on new and better ways to spy on us and make more money instead of developing better programs.

As a result, they not only spy, they mess things up and inconvenience us. My printer wouldn’t work after the Microsoft update because unbeknownst to me, the new print settings defaulted to One Note, which I’ve never even heard of, instead of my printer. So we wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out why my printer was suddenly not working.

On top of that, when it shut down my PC after the update, it closed all my tabs so my browser didn’t restore them on startup like it usually does for me when I shut it down with the open tabs in place. And there are usually a lot.

While working I get constant interruptions from dialogue boxes and chimes saying they have to fix my Microsoft account because the settings are out of date—because I won’t give them any information. Could their technology be any more intrusive and annoying?

What’s worse, despite the problems they cause, Microsoft is only too happy to automatically deduct $69.99 from my bank account every year for the “subscription” fee I have to pay if I want to use their Microsoft Office programs—whether there are any improvements or not. I suspect the updates contain trivial things we don’t want or need so they can justify the cost, but more importantly, additional or tweaked spyware.

We can opt out of the Windows 10 service agreement consent to collect our personal data by following instructions here.

When I think about what Bill Gates does with that subscription money it’s all I can do not to shut it down and refuse to use the PC. It’s still not common knowledge that the “Humanitarian” work the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation engages in kills or maims hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people with their poisonous vaccines, despite lawsuits by the government of India, for example.

I detest Microsoft, and I resent the deep state criminals confiscating programmes such as they did with Leader Technologies’ “groupware” code which they stole and used to create Facebook—and had the nerve to tell us cabal puppet Mark Zuckerberg wrote the program—in half an hour.

Now they steal Facebook users’ data and profit from it—but not until they’ve shadow banned and deleted accounts belonging to people who make truthful comments about their world that Google and friends find offensive.

Televisions, phones, kitchen appliances, thermostats, computers, tablets, baby monitors—even kids’ toys—everything electronic can be weaponized and used against us.

People need to get wise to the endless ways the control freaks spy on and monetize us by dangling sweet little morsels of convenience and funware on all our gadgets. Anyone who is open to getting an Alexa or Echo or any home “assistant” or “smart” anything had better be willing to co-habit with Big Brother.

And that is my rant for today.

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth tells us about the Apple “Facetime” spyware users accidentally discovered as well as many others we’ve learned of in the past few years and the patents for the technologies showing the purpose intended. Spying.

Next month we’ll probably hear about another back door or spyware application that’s worse than anything exposed so far. I don’t think we’ve heard the half of it yet and it’s criminal.  ~ BP

SAY WHAT??! Apple’s FaceTime Bug Was NOT A Mistake! Documents Reveal Spying PATENT!!!

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