Late Headlines for January 18, 2019: The Plot Thickens [videos] ~ January 18, 2019

We wanted action, and we got it.

As the drama increases in America and elsewhere, we are urged to keep our demeanor squarely anchored between the navigational buoys; calm, chill, and grounded like the seasoned warriors we are. Many of us have done this before, but we’ve forgotten. Perhaps mind wipes are a good thing.

After hearing a cautionary note from Thomas Williams last night about possible planned gas shortages in the States I couldn’t help but recall early on in Trump’s days in office when he approved funding for pipelines and we said, no, no, we don’t need gas and oil—we want to move to alternative, inexpensive, ecological energies. Doesn’t he know anything? I’m looking at those decisions through a different lens now.

Our planet is a mess and the world seems to be going crazy.

This is what is unfolding in Zimbabwe currently and is blacked out. They asked us to share this with the world.

I am waiting for a reply from a friend who lives in Mexico to find out if they are experiencing gas outages/shortages where they are.


It often seems to me like the President and his team have a crystal ball or use the looking glass technology. Trump seems to know what the opposition will do, as does QAnon. They often appear to be five steps ahead of the game and we don’t realize it until months or years later, but that’s 5D chess for you.

Fortunately we have masters on our side like Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. Back in 2009 he was exposing the corruption by Nancy Pelosi and her use of military aircraft—the cabal’s military aircraft. How does Tom keep going year after year when the scandalous behaviour continues unchecked despite their tireless work on our behalf?

This time, however, the President brought it in check in a flagrant way when he shut down Nancy Pelosi and her grandiose travel entourage. Touché!

And now that smooth move from Trump about Pelosi’s travel on military craft has ballooned into a broader mandate.

Trump Bans ALL Members of Congress from Travel on Government Aircraft


I saw this title for a video from War Drummer and immediately the lights came on. Do you get the same idea I do from this?

I’m listening to this live one now, so can’t comment on the content yet. They are suggesting Qanon may be silent until the 30 days of the government shutdown are over.  The President has suggested he will have a major announcement coming soon.

Do you suspect that Nancy really was attempting to escape? Would you put it past her? Amazing.

Nancy’s Secret escape plan? SHUTDOWN? THE MASK REMOVED!


The news of the treachery of the psychopaths is threading its way throughout the WWW and Mike Adams brings us confirmation of the planned assassination or arrest of the President and Vice President so that Nancy Pelosi can be installed as Wicked Witch of the West 2.0.

I had hoped she had been arrested but it doesn’t appear to be the case. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it? It does sound as though the development with Ruth Bader Ginsberg was indeed a resounding “Boom!” as predicted by QAnon. Thanks, R.

Adams says,

My sources tell me an attempt at removing Trump from office will be made before the SOTU speech.

Read the rest at the link below and watch the video.

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter  Video at this link.

The appalling state of the Western media is brainwashing millions into a state of pure fantasy. They wouldn’t know reality from a hole in the ground.

Maneuvering a hypnotized society through this nightmare to freedom from global tyranny without causing utter chaos will be a monumental challenge unless a miracle happens. We really need a miracle.

I felt Donald Trump was a miracle; QAnon, the icing on the cake. There’s something supernatural going on, don’t you think? Maybe I’m the delusional one; or in denial. I so often feel like magic is afoot.

As always, we don’t want to instill fear, but we do want as many as possible to be informed and prepared for whatever might ensue in this fight-to-the-death battle we see unfolding in a big way every day.

We don’t want to be so mired down in apathetic denial that we can’t function when we really need to take action and we would prefer the lying, treasonous media did not exist. We have to continue to call them out on their lies. It’s not over ’til it’s over.


More interesting activities we’re watching…

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For those who like to explore the spiritual and multidimensional aspect of our Selves, Joanna doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s a treat. She captures the most amazing things with her camera.

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