Divine Mother ~ Trust Your Life, Exactly As It Is ~ January 13, 2019

By Jennifer C

I wish to talk to you about trust. For many
of you, my dear children, trust is not a
quality that you consider very much in
your daily lives. However, I wish to bring
it to the forefront today. I am asking you to
trust me, to trust the Company of Heaven,
to trust yourselves and your lives, to trust
that you truly are on the right trajectory.
And what does that mean? Why would it matter? You can just go on about your day without considering
trust and nothing much changes.
Trust matters. When you trust, when you truly are in alignment with a person, an idea, a philosophy, a
plan, a vision, you are able to live with it with confidence and commitment. The energy you bring to it has
a stronger vibration than the energy of ‘trust tinged with worry’, ‘trust tinged with fear’, ‘trust tinged with
When you trust, completely and totally, you free up enormous amounts of energy that can be squandered in
doubt, suspicion, fear, worry and anxiety. That energy is released to be channeled more fruitfully.
Perhaps you have had the experience where you have doubted someone’s sincerity, you have doubted their
words and perhaps even their actions. It has left you feeling uneasy and a little off balance.
Everyone has experienced this at one time or another, whether with a partner, a family member, a friend or
a neighbor. You recognize the uncertainty of that feeling. And you recognize how that lack of trust
destabilizes you, how it brings you down, how it makes you feel less than your best self, perhaps it even
distracts you as you worry over it.
Now think about someone whose integrity you trust above all others; someone whose word is their bond,
whose actions are aligned with all they say and believe. Notice the difference in your body as you think
about this person. Notice the ease and freedom in your mind as you think about this person. Notice the
lifting in your mood and emotional body, as you think about that person.
This is why trust is so very liberating. Trust sets you free to be your very best self. On every level.
I am asking you to trust me, to trust the Company of Heaven and to trust yourself. Trust the life you are
living, however it is manifesting before you eyes in this moment.
Can you trust that it is truly perfect? That it is showing you everything you wished to learn, everything you
wished to accept and everything you wished to forgive? I’m inviting you to leave behind the worry, fear
and anxiety of the old order.
Yes, I know you still have to work, pay bills, raise children, and tend to the ill and the elderly. There are a
million tasks calling for your attention every day. How would you approach these tasks differently if you
were trust that this seeming imperfection is truly perfect?
The underlying fear that you have made mistakes, that you are ‘repaying karma’, that somehow if you
were truly living a ‘spiritual life’, your life would be easy and perfect. This is simply not the case. I’m
inviting you to trust that the seemingly imperfect is truly perfect. It is exactly as you and I planned it.
Distrust with your lives is an outdated meme. It’s an old program that I am inviting you to release
because it keeps you trapped in dense, 3D emotions that bind you and my beautiful planet.
If you can have the courage to trust, to make the decision to view every aspect of you life as imperfectly
perfect, you will free up energy that will uplift and sustain you while you live your lives; while you raise
children, pay the bills, do what is required of you and finding meaning and purpose.
I tell you most solemnly, the meaning and purpose of your life is to trust that the seeming imperfect is truly
perfect. Then you are free. Free to love yourself: just as you are. Free to love what is: just as it is.
Ask me to help you.
“Mother, I Trust.”
That’s all it takes. When doubts arises, when trust is diluted, come back to me again.
“Mother, I Trust.”
For some of you it will be seamless. For others, it may require patience and practice. Some of my children
have chosen to create the super spiritual highway that flies along. Others have chosen to create the paths
that those following behind will tread. Whether it is fast or slow, trust the process.
As I Trust You.



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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