Fake News Takes It To a Whole New Level and Airs a Fake Trump—in REAL Time [videos] ~ January 11, 2019

Good grief. They will do ANYTHING to win the war, and the fake media is caught resorting to juvenile tricks again. They can’t play an honest game. They have to cheat, so everything is rigged.

The public needs to realize that in the digital world, seeing is not believing and discernment must be dialed up every moment. It’s no wonder the fakesters want to broadcast on a delay. They’d love to air their version of reality.

They tell us this latest manipulation was done in REAL time, however, so they don’t need a delay to broadcast a fake reality of their own making.

I had to question whether Schumer and Pelosi were real on Tuesday night in their rebuttal.  They looked mechanical and a reader has suggested they might have been a hologram. Anything’s possible. Remember when Hillary disappeared at her 2016 Greensboro, NC rally—but the flag was still there?

Hopefully they will perfect the technology soon and she will disappear forever.

Thanks for the share, L.

This is war in the information age. En garde!

Seattle TV Station Caught Doctoring Trump’s Face During National Address

January  11, 2019

A Seattle Q13 Fox employee has been placed on leave after a disturbing “deepfake” video of President Trump aired during his national address on border security this week, according to mynorthwest.com.

In addition to dialing up the orange to oompa-loompa proportions, somehow the TV station was able to manipulate Trump on the fly to show him creepily sticking his tongue out at viewers.

That comparison reveals the Q13 video creating a loop of the President licking his lips — making it seem bizarre and unbalanced — it also seems that someone distorted the President’s face and my have added an orange tone to his skin –mynorthwest.com

In a statement to MyNorthWest, Q13’s news director said “We are investigating this to determine what happened,” adding “This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light. The editor responsible for editing the footage is being placed on leave while we investigate further.

The most disturbing part of the prank is that Trump’s speech was manipulated in real time – a technological feat known as “Deep Fakes” – a convincing computer generated manipulation which can produce an almost believable impersonation of an individual.

See more examples of technological capabilities and read the rest of the article…

While they have technology to win the war, they have their secret weapons to help them lose it, too.

If this is all they’ve got, it’s no wonder we’re winning—and enjoying the show, however pathetic the entertainment.  ~ BP

LMAO: Chuck And Nancy’s ‘Rebuttal’ Turned Them Into A National Laughingstock (Video)

January 9, 2019

After Trump’s Oval Office Address to the Nation, Chuck and Nancy awkwardly tried to shoot him down. The Internet’s been mocking them ever since.

We haven’t laughed so hard at them looking this stupid since the State Of The Union where Nancy got so flustered she was sucking on her teeth.

The photo op had an angry ‘American Gothic’ look to it.

We weren’t the only ones to notice, either. See for yourselves.

Read the rest of the article…

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