Channeled through Christine Day

Beloved ones, we greet you as the “Blessed Event” set in motion on Earth at the time of New Year. This profound transformational happening opened up and changed potentials for your life. You have indeed been Blessed by the God Light, which anchored and is currently flowing across your Earth plane.

This Light has been emanating outwards from the pure anchored space of the “Corridor of Light.” Through the pure essence of God Light, your Blessings are NOW able to naturally flow towards you and are currently being absorbed through your Heart Cells.

This frequency of your unique Light will be impacting you strongly within your day-to-day life as you consciously choose to receive what is yours through Divine right. These Blessings of God Light carry many unique Divine aspects of your Multidimensional Higher Self, opening new vistas for you to consciously utilize within this current lifetime.


Know that you have not done anything specifically “good” to receive these Blessings. Now happens to be the correct Destiny Time for these Blessings to be released back to you. What is essential is for you to fully open up to receive that which is yours.

Through the powerful action of the “Corridor of Light,” there is a purpose and Destiny being fulfilled. There are Multidimensional levels of Consciousness opening simultaneously to support this incredible transition for all of you who are awake and actively ready to engage and receive. These amazing pure levels of God Light are designed for you to first access, and then create, from your own internal rebirthing process within your Heart Cells.

Remember, your Heart is a natural Multidimensional tool and by engaging with the energy of the “Corridor of Light,” your own unique God Light can be self-realized within you. This is your time to be enabled by your Light to take giant steps forward into the Higher levels of self-realization.

There are supportive forces within your resident Universe who have the express role of assisting your realignment to Truth and Love that have always resonated throughout this Universe. Now within the vastness of your Heart, this energetic resonance realigns you to your extended home beyond your Earth plane. Through your conscious interaction with the God Light you can begin to embrace a Multidimensional realignment within to these aspects of home within your Universal community.

For the first time, Earth will hold the complete anchored resonance with the entire resident Universal Consciousness. This will set in motion a huge transmutation process within the Earth plane, shifting your planet to the vibration that will transform the dimensional settings to a 4th/5th dimensional presence.


As the “Corridor of Light” filtered its Light outwards, there was an interaction to all Sacred Sites that have been holding a strong presence on Earth. Each individual site has been realigned through this action. They are being energetically adjusted back to their original pristine state. Between each site there is a collective frequency that is building and beginning to create a powerful resonation of Light.

The sites are forging together as one, transmitting an elemental vibration of Light. Between all the sites they are collectively acting as a generator of Light within your world. They individually are each to play a new role as initiators of Truth and Love for Humanity.

These sites are generating outwards the vibrational synergy of Love and collectively they are anchoring the form of an energetic web that contains the sacred forms of Light for the entire planet. These specific forms are interweaving to create an energetic womb for you.

These vibrations of Love open a doorway through your planet, creating an access for those of you who choose realignment beyond this limited 3rd dimensional form. This doorway allows you to anchor beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion in order for you to stabilize within the higher dimensional realms of Self.

The doorway holds the Multidimensional opening, an energetic space, that is formed to play an essential and pivotal role for you to unfold and develop through your Higher Self. This process is immense. Allowing a new landscape of Light proportions for you to shift within your Consciousness. Allowing you the potential of rebirth of yourself within the vastness of your Sacred Heart.


We are here to support your interactions within these newly formed energetic structures. Within the doorway we are to hold the pure matrix form of Light that mirrors your Divine blueprint of your Higher Self. This mirroring will allow you to fully utilize the opened Multidimensional Frequency held within the space of this womb. This womb is designed to bring you into a state of rebalancing within the Higher Realm of your own Multidimensional Frequency, and for you to consciously stabilize within your Heart.

The true awakener to these Higher Realms is held within each Cell. The transmitter, which exists within every individual Heart Cell, is your pathway home. Each Cell carries the Multidimensional potential for your full enlightenment process. The transmitter, which is electrical in nature, has the potential to carry an amazing frequency of pure Light. The Cells also emit a powerful transmission of your unique God Frequency outwards to the Universal realms. Through this process there is an opening of a telepathic exchange that takes place within your brain. This communion activated within your brain reopens an expansion of a communication process naturally within you.

These openings within the brain will launch you into fulfilling pre-agreements with other life force groups in the Universe, including a reconnection with family of origin members. This process is liberating you. Allow the redirection and repositioning of your essential alliances that are destined to support you during this phase of your transition.


These interactions with the activated transmitters in your Heart Cells will continue to play the role as a compass for you within the vast Multidimensional Realms. They naturally are able to adjust and align you to the aspects of your Higher Self. Stabilizing you as you evolve within reconnections. The transmitters create a reflection, by holding the essence of your Divine Frequency in front of you. This opens the Love of your Higher Self to nourish your Human element.

What is essential at this juncture is to work consciously to align within your Heart Cells and to claim your heritage within this alignment. You are ready to receive this reconnection. Through this conscious process, the Cells of your Heart NOW come into a full self-realization state and are able to support your full Divine reconnection. Remember, by nature you are a Multidimensional being and this is your moment to relocate your awareness and realign into your natural ability of Being.

Take the time right now to open within your Heart with your awareness. Breathe and let go within the space of your Heart. Feel how the energy within the Cells draws your awareness inwards, like a magnet. Open your awareness within the space of your Heart. Through this space you will be engaged by this reflected frequency, which carries a deeper understanding of this time within your Earth plane. Here you can receive the insights of the importance of this next step that you are consciously choosing to take for yourself.


This whole journey has always been about you being the one to birth your Self. “You are who you have been waiting for.” All this time you have been waiting to reconnect to the sacred aspect of yourSelf.

This entire Multidimensional mirroring of this process has only been possible through the energetic framework being held between the resonating vibrations within the network created by the Sacred Sites. The anchoring of this pure space was made manifest during the repositioning of the Sun. These doorways will continue to play an essential role for you and there will be a continual upgrading of this frequency, which will open up a series of pivotal roles for your evolution.

The “Corridor of Light” has NOW been fully activated and positioned throughout your Earth plane. The essence of the Light has shifted the illusion that has held many of you within a limitation of your potential experiences. Now you can effortlessly move beyond the veils of illusion and anchor into a higher profile moving you rapidly into reconnections to your Higher Consciousness.


Beyond these veils, the doorway opens for you, and opportunity opens for you to actively seek your Blessing, through a conscious choice action, from a Source that is yours to receive now. These Blessings belong to you only, and can be utilized only by your Heart Cells. The active transmitters within your Heart Cells utilize the energy held within the Multidimensional Blessings. These individual Blessings carry unique Light that will propel and realign you into different states of awakening designed to activate innate gifts of your Spiritual Soul.

The new framework held by the collective sites is actively engaged with the transmitters of your Heart. This is how your Heart was always meant to function and to be fulfilled as a sacred tool. This activation of your Heart tool has been designed expressly to support you into being able to relink back into your natural Multidimensional factor of your Higher Self.

This is the time for you to reconnect to this other aspect of Self, which has been fully intact just beyond the veil. The plan is for you to actively and consciously re-engage with your Higher Self, living the sacred aspect of yourself within your day-to-day life while you still have your human experience and expression. This is your mission in this lifetime.



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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