Space Fakery Exposed by the Chinese Climate Observatory [videos] ~ January 20, 2019

Did you see what the Chinese space craft sent us from the “dark side of the moon”? Our moon is hardly “deep space”, but regardless, it’s great to see some live, real images for a change.

What Did China Just Find On The Far Side Of The Moon?

That right there was soft disclosure, folks. It’s all around us, every day. The Alliance will keep this up until they feel it’s time to officially come out and make a statement to the world about the ETs, the rogue Nazi “secret space program”, and the rest.

Many of us are well aware via whistleblowers and researchers that there are bases on the moon, and mars, and many planets in our solar system. What the controllers have shown us “officially” are lies, and pathetic ones, at that.

Ed, at the Outer Light channel has expertise with green screens and tells us in his video below how to evaluate some of the “official” images put out by Never-A-Straight-Answer NASA and the fake news they take such pride in disseminating; the blatant fakery at taxpayer’s expense that pervades our media.

The outlandish propaganda has to stop, and the powers-that-be—the new guard—are bringing us truth.

When the President of the United States tells us there will be a Space Force, he’s not blowing smoke. Be ready, because it already exists.

UFOs are NOT unidentified objects, unless it means we aren’t sure if they are piloted by extraterrestrials or Earth-based military. Usually it’s the latter.

They’ve been putting this stuff out there on the Internet for years, and it’s been slowly permeating the collective consciousness.

Disclosure of the ETs and space craft won’t be such a big deal. What the despicable “secret space program” people have done WILL be—but that’s another long story for another day.  ~ BP

What the NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory image tell us

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