What Is love? An Answer ~ January 3, 2019

By Sophia


What is love?


Love is what you are. It is the foundation.

Nothing exists, if not for love.

It is the origin, the beginning, the starting point, the only point.

Love becomes all that you are once you have been everything else.

Love is the ground you walk, the air you inhale.

You cannot, will not, escape this truth.

It has no roots in fantasy.

It was hijacked by those who purport to own this planet, and fashioned into a frivolous afterthought. So that you, the beings who walk here, will run around searching, striving, reaching for it like the carrot on the stick, always out of reach.

Why do you reach for what you already are? It is due to programming.

What happens now is the programming virtually disappears or is washed away in the onslaught of faster frequencies. It is not able to sustain the frequency of advanced beings.

What you are seeing now are two things:

One is the remnants – shards of self-absorption that remain attached to what is pure love. In some, these shards will be their fatal flaw and remain. They will be all that you see, as those carrying them will stubbornly insist that they are real and true.

There will be what looks like insanity as what is real and beneath the programming seeks exposure and is asked to emerge.

This decision is an individual one. Each of you are choosing and will choose what to expose, what to risk, who to trust.

In some there lies the necessity of chemical alteration.

In others, what is necessary is a flat-out rip-off the band aid approach. The strength and fortitude of each being will decide.

Some will withdraw, but remain to watch. Others will depart.

Which of these descriptions tells me what love is?


Love is not a thing to be described by action. Love is the force that in its expression exists.


You will not look from your vantage point, and point to this one and say “There, that is love. I’ve found it.” While then pointing to a less pleasing one and say “There, that is the opposite of love.”

That is not how it works.

You must learn this, dear human. It is why you incarnated at all.

For in non-human form, where manifestation is without (outside) control or outside manipulation for power – it becomes an easy thing to declare and notice – love. In that state, contrast does not blur vision.

Here, now, most especially for you who have loved and do love your imperfect versions, you are now able to stand unencumbered and love. What will you do?

For love is not the deciding factor in action – choice is.


Love is present in all things, all beings, all life.

The deciding factor in action, is you.

What this means, dear, dear human, is that while you struggle with anger and revulsion and self-pity and blame and guilt and affection and desire and happiness – you are deciding what love looks like through you, NOT what love is.

Every action, and its result, is a co-creation.

Every single one.

You cannot hate so deeply that love is expunged. Love exists within every particle of life.

You can act in a way that is hateful, yet you are love.

What is meant to get through to you is that the question “What is love?” is answered in Oneness.

While you place your decisions and reasons for action on ideas that state

“He/she does not love me.” Or “I no longer love her/him.” –

you are avoiding responsibility for some of the things you do.

There are no reasons that are true except this one:

You chose to do this.


In the end, it is all about choice. You cannot escape responsibility for your life.

Such is the price of godhood.

It’s all your fault.

So, to answer the question, “What is love?” becomes a simple thing to say –

“You are, life is, love” –

yet (this carries with it) a massive reconstruction of thought.

Oneness only becomes possible without blame.

You do not choose who to love or how to love. Instead – you choose how to be.

Be loving.

With everyone and all of life, including yourself.

The opinions and reasons do not matter – all that is left is what you did.

You are love.

When you see each other as love, you will see clearly.

Love does not demand action or inaction in order to continue. It continues. It is, as you are.

What happens now is you choose your actions knowing this truth.

Whether things stop or continue does not change the existence of love. Whether things stop or continue depend on you, not on love.

It is the confusion around love that has allowed so much deception and deceit.

It is clear now, and easily seen.

Love is what you are.

Love is.



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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