Headlines and Updates for January 1, 2019: New Day, New Way [videos] ~ January 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: Cannot quite get my Internet to load three video’s below about Q. O wonder why? The deep state are truly scared given the deep spiritual energy for today and tomorrow! The video’s you need to see are:(1) Q-The Plan to Save the World, (2) Q – We Are the Plan, and (3) This video will Get Trump elected.

As this time develops spiritually, please read this article, watch the video’s, and be…



Happy Q Year!

As we expected, after the rain yesterday and New Year’s Eve the mountain tops indeed have snow this morning and we broke down and turned the heat on. It was 64F in the house so I wore a scarf.

This is not atypical. We have had snow and frozen bird baths many times around New Year’s and in January here in the Valley of the Sun, and lost some plants to frost, too. We don’t need a refrigerator; we just keep the drinks in the garage. It’s 42F outside at the moment and rained again so snowbirds, if you want to go to the beach in January, go to the Caribbean.

Thanks to the crew for all the information and video shares over the past week. I’m bogged down in information overload and can’t keep track of everything that’s happening or who sent what.

There are suspicious reports and alerts warning Californians of freezing temperatures and Santa Ana winds, among other things. Since when are Santa Ana winds associated with cold? And they’re of course talking power outages again. Elevated fire risk? Heads up, folks. Weather wars could be raging again soon. They got away with it before and may try again. “The winds will arrive as a storm called an ‘inside slider’”…  righto!

I am expecting any day for the media to flip—like a switch. I’m thinking some networks or local stations, at least, will suddenly tell the truth and abandon their cabal-controlled roots. I feel like they’re just biding their time and laying low for now… until they get the “Go!” Dark to Light. New day… new way.

And a lot of patriots are anticipating the day (tomorrow?) when Q once again goes from dark to Light. It’s been quite a sustained fast, broken only by President Trump’s meliflous Tweets as crumbs to keep us energized and entertained—and intrigued.

Now, we expect things could get very interesting. Cobra’s New Year’s post is entitled, “ANNABELLA.exe”. Sounds like a virus.

We have news of the AF1 Transponder being shut off yesterday so the intrigue continues as Anons are asked if they’re “ready”.

It reminds me that AF1 was “remodelled”  to keep the President and all the President’s men (and women) safe, due to the technology used that would allow the behemoth to be controlled; hijacked or crashed remotely, and we understand nearly all aircraft have been equipped with that technology. The evil embodied by the psychopaths knows no bounds.

The innocence or guilt of VP Mike Pence is something folks are confused about, and that is probably by design. Keep an open mind and all will be revealed in Divine timing.

POTUS Transponder Off: Are Anons Ready?

Good news; the Mental Boost channel is back on Themtube. Good job, people.

The crew’s chittering away about Utsava’s update in the comments. Okay, okay I’ll share it. I like the part about being able to view the tribunals on the Internet. There’s a lot of fear porn out there about “martial law” that is complete BS. I hope ‘woke’ people don’t fall for it. If the President calls in the military to keep law and order, it will be by the book, and will not infringe on the rights of the citizenry unless it is for their own safety. The criminals sacrificed their rights when they chose to walk the road to treason, aiding and abetting, etc. and they are the ones who need to be shaking in their boots.

Utsava Psychic Medium
Published on Dec 31, 2018
Learn about the recent Fake Alien Invasion, Bomb attacks and Power outages, which Tweets by Obama and Hillary gave the terrorists signals for counter-attacks, what the future holds, when the terrorist are going to attack the USA next and if they will be caught, about JFK junior, Q Anon, Military Tribunals, the upcoming reset and more. President Trump has stopped the largest International Human and Child trafficking rings. His next project will be to stop World Hunger.

Please share the following videos:
Q-The Plan to save the world:

Q-We are the plan:

This video will get Trump elected:

All about Military Tribunals:

Military Tribunals, Martial Law, & Qanon Updates

Watch Military Tribunals starting January 2019: (this link actually goes to another “this will get Trump elected” video, not the military tribunals)

There are some despicable people on this planet, and the fact that they are in public view and able to share their brain-boring, parasitic, cerebral virus with a large audience is appalling. There seems to be an increasing need to attack the troops and veterans, which speaks volumes about these sub-human life forms.

BREAKING: Jimmy Kimmel Makes Unbelievable Statement About Triple Amputee – Liberals Send Threats

We hear there was a “UFO” seen over Queens at the time of the “transformer” explosion on December 27th. One video in particular has been removed, but in the one below we can see something emerging from the cloud and lighted area and speeding off to the left. Ignore the “scary” aspects of the video.

It sounds like this event was another “fake alien invasion” attempt. Louisiana, too. They will not rest until they either pull off Project Blue Beam or they are reined in, it seems. It’s like taking an obnoxious toy away from a spoiled, screaming, toddler. Grow up and go to your room. You’re grounded.

Creative folks are keeping us entertained until the tribunals are available. Thanks for the chuckles.

Hackers calling themselves Dark Overlord? Or is this just information the White Hats want to get out and chose this method to do it? Enjoy the show.

Has there ever been a time when the military were able to showcase their brilliant creativity? That’s assuming it is that, and it might not be, but we have so many other examples via QAnon, don’t we? And they’re pretty cocky about it, too. Which tells us what? We’re winning.

Did Hackers Steal Secret 9/11 Legal Documents?

This morning I shared a video involving new information about the Benghazi fiasco and SEAL Team Six on the Captain’s Blog. It seems there is a lot of incriminating information available on many topics, as yet held back. There is a reason for releasing specific information at a particular time and we pretty much have to trust that strategy.

I believe there is a fine line between releasing certain evidence to educate civilians so they have context for what is about to unfold publicly, and keeping the deep state goons and their mind-controlled sleeper army under control.

The NSA has everything the White Hats need to take the psychopaths down, but it has to be handled legally, and without a lot of publicity in the mainstream media because we don’t want them inciting chaos in our communities. Now that January has rolled around, the Executive Orders involving military tribunals are in effect and I think we can expect some forward momentum.

Below is one video a contact sent over Christmas regarding this intel that I didn’t get a chance to look at until now. There is at least one other in the series. I wish they had released this earlier, but better late than never. Thank you to Judicial Watch; a force to be reckoned with.

There is so much innuendo and potential for double meanings and covert intel in POTUS Tweets and I’m wondering if the “red stringer” Xmas message from the US Air Force (in the video below) had anything to do with the military protecting AF1 and Trump and the First Lady as they made their Christmas rounds in the middle east and Germany. It’s certainly license to engage our imaginations, and there’s no shortage of that.

Notable Christmas Bread Part 1

War Drummer has gravitated to live productions so they are twice the length, at least, of his older videos and I don’t often get a chance to check in. This one also is an hour but it is entertaining in Shawn’s dramatic style, and fresh for New Year’s Day. Has there ever been such outrageous drama unfolding every day… such excitement and anticipation?

I have seen a few on the Internet who don’t believe in Q (or Santa) and are really bummed at this point. They say nothing is going to change; no one will be arrested, and there will be no military tribunals. I feel sorry for them. They have lost all hope. They see nothing but doom and a spiraling drop at terminal velocity into utter tyranny and suffering.

That is what the deep state and their psychopaths have done to some members of Humanity. They don’t have the intuition or the soul to discern what is truly unfolding even when the information is right in front of them. Even logic fails them.

Won’t they be surprised to see the repetitive loops are over and we are breaking new ground, making the necessary changes to ban the dark and take our civilization on a new trajectory? It had to be done this way, and faith is mandatory, but there are a lot more clues and evidence than there once were. The Plan is is high gear now—so lead, follow, or get out of the way! Magic is happening.  ~ BP

8chan & THE PLAN


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