Where Are Those Nasty El-ites, Anyway, You Might Ask? & More on Internet/Phone Outages Across America [videos] ~ December 28, 2018

After Natasha V showed us the odd photo posted on HRC’s Twitter page, and an odd Obama pic, I mentioned that it could be a hint that these folks spent Christmas at GTMO. Or they could be some of the very first tenants on those FEMA prison barges, lol.

Daniel Lee visited the accounts of several of these psychopaths and what do you think—nothing since December 19 or prior to the 25th. Coincidence? We know the arrests won’t be front page news, and some suggested the only way we will know for sure that they have been arrested is when they are simply not around any longer and have no public presence.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? But that’s the way it will probably be, thanks to all the snoozers and snowflakes. We can’t upset the natives or have the media whipping all the dimms into a frenzy. Something to think about, however, as Daniel says. We are certainly anticipating this, and it’s even bigger than dreaming of a white Christmas.

I keep coming back to QAnon telling us 2018 would be glorious, and that meant only one thing: that the psychopaths would be locked up. Did 2018 get glorious yet?

POTUS Ambushed Elites on Xmas Day???

Was John Brennan arrested? I found the discussion very interesting around the 10 minute mark with regard to the location of POTUS/FLOTUS while uncertain things may be unfolding. You know they’re not going to tell us much until after the fact. I don’t know why people expect anyone would tell us what will happen. That would be stupid. This is WAR! We already know SOME of the psychos have been arrested.

High Ranking Cabal Members Haven’t Been Heard From! No Tweets, No Posts, NOTHING!

Was it really a transformer fire? Sabotage? A foiled, fake alien invasion? The story has changed, and nothing’s ever simple. Thanks, L.

Con Ed Tweaks Statement On Cause Of Eerie Blue Light In NYC Sky/Electric Flash, Not Transformer Fire

If you missed it, there were Internet and ATM outages across America on December 27th. Verizon, too, not only CenturyLink.

We have been told to prepare for anything, and if you think it’s all just so much fluff and fear porn, you’re on your own. Anything could happen, at any time. We should all be prepared as much as possible. If ATMs go down, you will need cash. The cabal will want to inconvenience as many people as possible and are not above taking out power, banking systems, or anything else if they can get away with it.

DAHBOO77 goes into more details about the outages yesterday, which, in my opinion, speak to what is possible anywhere, at any time.

Massive Outages, ATMs Not Working In Idaho

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