Headlines and Updates for December 27, 2018: Trump Christmas Surprises [videos] ~ December 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: What a savvy news editor Starship Earth is! This post-Christmas report if full of the kind of news you want to hear about our world and it’s developing FREEDOM which we all crave.

Ah, yes…it appears no report of these times is complete without a nod to tactics taken by the forces of negativity on our Earth to retain their control…but it ain’t workin’ no more!

Please read this report, watch the videos and know that it won’t be much longer folks, before our suffering is over, and be…



Natasha V shared the image above from an unknown location in her recent video update. Someone might recognize the squadron emblem on the hangar.

I forgot to say that the odd picture posted on HRCs Twitter account, and also an odd one from Obama just might signal the fact they are not available to post on their own accounts…. hint hint.

It’s very interesting when the military are acknowledging QAnon, isn’t it… all in dress whites? Maybe those are just the bakers, lol.

Or perhaps Q actually is a legitimate military intelligence group. They certainly get a lot of bad press from the treasonous media and trolls, and that speaks volumes—but of course it could all be a ruse.

Trump made the news again when he and the first lady slunk off to Iraq to visit the troops, followed by a stop in Germany on their way home. And I thought they were home with their family. That’s a dutiful couple, and of course the secret service and other staff had to go, as well.

President Donald Trump greets troops at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany © Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

Trump meets US troops in Germany after surprise visit to Iraq

AMAZING MOMENT! US Soldier in Iraq Tells President Trump: “I Came Back into the Military Because of You”

For anyone needing an infusion of positivity in light of the dour attitudes fostered by the lamestream media and their negative spin… BCP has a great update.


A recent and still ongoing poll showed these results earlier today.

Do you think Donald Trump is qualified to be the President of the United States of America?
Yes (149,632) vote
No (7,147) vote
Breakdown: Do you support President Trump?
Yes, I fully support President Trump (145,096) vote
No, I do not support President Trump (4,321) vote
There are things I like about him and things I do not, but he is our President so I hope for the best (7,413) vote


Our REAL weather men, like Mike Morales, tell us “they” have been spraying the entire planet thickly with chemtrails—except over Israel. Seriously.

We have frigid temps here in the Valley of the Sun (by our standards) and it was a chilly walk for bare hands this morning.

Massive waves continue to pound the coasts of multiple countries, there’s flooding again in Texas, and warnings for tornadoes and blizzards. Crazy!

*Massive Waves Hit Peru-Cuba-Panama-Columbia*Warning More Tsu_nami’s Possible*

Tornado Warnings/South East/National Weather Change


And we have Yellow Vest protests in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada! These folks know what they’re talking about, too. No Trudeau! “Trudocchio” I love it. I hear lots of horns honking in enthusiastic support. Go Canada! Take your government back.

LSL- Yellow Vest Protest Rally Kelowna Dec 22nd

If Utsava resonates, she has another update for December 26.

The Gitmo Arrivals,Tribunals,Bush Funeral,GW Bush alive?-Aliens

Thomas Williams will host his usual ‘Thorsday’ show tonight at 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific on Spreaker, or listen live here. It sounds like things went a  little sideways this past weekend with Kim being called away for emergency negotiations with respect to the Manna World Holding Trust so we’ll get an update on the financial situation as much as possible. A lot has to remain under wraps for now. I’m hoping for a New Year’s present.  ~ BP


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