Where is there a place for fear in Love? ~ December 19, 2018

From: The Powers of Love

With the influx of the energies that have been pouring in to assist in the quickening of White Fire Light rising within each of us and the whole of all Life, along with it comes the pushing up of everything that is not Love in order for us to see these patterns that have held us captive for far too long.

Jason Michael and I often jokingly say that our second Home has been the “cauldron”, as it has been a most beautiful and beautifully intense Path we have walked together as we daily give our entire Being over to becoming more of the full expression of our I AM Presence. Little by little…..and sometimes huge leaps of Grace. So it is for us all as we are willing to allow more Love to have its way and we die only to be reborn each day, a little closer to Home.

We are learning to entertain and proclaim Love in a way that dissolves everything unlike it so that only Love shall remain. It is only Perfected Love that can cast out every fear. This requires a moment by moment choice when we find ourselves in situations that we are prone to react from old programming, or the default memories of the past that have created thought “grooves” in our consciousness that continue to out picture situations that are something other than Love.

What is it to Love?

To remain aware that at the center of your Being is your God Essence SO clear and true, that it has no opposite, for there, all things are swallowed whole by the impenetrable awareness of Love’s Presence within you. Fear pervades only when we shun our own darkness, for it is in our darkness and the embracing of it, that Light dawns and we come to see that were it not for the darkness, the absence of Light, we would not know the Light of Truth to shine and reveal this All consuming Love. There is a place so deep where fear and Love meet. Where pain and pleasure merge and all we thought ourselves to be is Divinely Ruined by Grace.

Some may say that to strive for Love Only is nonsense. Others call it impossible and impractical. But, for those who have looked deep inside themselves, This nonsense makes complete sense, for they are aware that at the center of their Being there is nothing but Love. Nothing to resist. Nothing to uphold or defend. Nothing to strive for and nothing to achieve. Love is what brings all things into Balance and holds them in the perfect tension.

For those who practice Love, and its remembrance in all situations, realize that Love’s roots are so deep and reach so high in the very same breath, that nothing can stand in its way! The more one practices Love Only, the more freedom expands to be the fully ALIVE Self in all of its magnificent expressions in this Life and beyond.
May you be held in Love Only. May you feel the Presence of it swallow you up in its Radiance. And, may you extend it to all who come near you and require the healing glow of the Love you have to share

Everlasting Love That’s Swallowing us WHOLE…..I AM/ WE ARE.

Going, going beyond,
Heather Grace and Jason Michael



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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