New Moon in Sagittarius: Wandering Moon ~ December 4, 2018

By Nadia Gilchrist 

This could be a wandering Moon, where you allow fate to guide you…

The December 7th New Moon (15 deg Sagittarius) squares a Mars/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (exact on the same day). A square from Mars to Sag suggests big, enthusiastic actions. New beginnings will be driven by a desire to GO. There may be impatience and excitement.

But Mars conjoins Neptune which means actions will be transcendent, vague, confused, compassionate or intensely creative. Take your pick. Neptune is always a tricky mix with Mars, because primary motivations (the initial push) can drift off into strange, unexpected territory. Expectations for this beginning may be very high but unrealistic. Dreams may be exaggerated.

A conjunction also means a new beginning, so Mars/Neptune can be about the new dream, the leap of faith or the pursuit or something higher (your ultimate goal). And it will be fired up by the Sagittarius New Moon. Best advice is to step up but do so with caution. Remember that New Moons are rarely carved in stone, especially when Neptune is involved. The potential is massive, but the square between Pisces and Sag is about the tension between religion (Sagittarius) and spirituality (Pisces). Faith (Sag) and belief (Pisces). The journey (Sag) versus the dream (Pisces).

This could be a wandering Moon, where you allow fate to guide you. And it will be difficult to control the outcome or force certain results. So your best approach may be openness to whatever comes your way combined with a continuous awareness of your highest motivation (what’s best for you and others). A square to Mars/Neptune means actions can undermine just as easily as they can elevate. Neptune can weaken or transcend- it all depends on your focus.

Note that Mercury stations direct in Scorpio on December 6th and Chiron stations direct on December 9th, adding forward movement to the Grand Water Trine consisting of Mercury, Chiron and the Cancer North Node. So this Moon will be enabled by a background flow of understanding, healing and progress towards the future. The trick will be navigating any undermining influences.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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