Will Monday Be a Big Day? QAnon and Sean Hannity Suggest It Will Be: Prepare for Backlash ~ December 2, 2018

There are new Q drops for December 2.

We are already seeing the retaliatory effects of the efforts underway to remove the parasitic psychos who were running the planet, so the AES alerts that went out this week are no surprise.

As the crescendo of revelations about the criminals come out more and more into the public eye, I would expect the false flag events and attacks to possibly escalate. Mr. Cati had an interesting theory on the Alaska quake, suggesting it was in favour of Trump. We have to remember there are multiple factions (up to 5) in a struggle for global supremacy and control which clouds the water.

Below is what QAnon shared from a Hannity Show recently. We saw this clip the other day in a video, and it references Monday, December 3.  President Trump has said December 5 which was also supposed to be a big day [D5] will now be a day of mourning in DC due to the “death” of Bush. So, what can we expect on Monday the 3rd? We shall see. Perhaps there are more reasons to shut down Washington on Wednesday…

The following is the transcript for the Hannity show. The link to the video of the full show is at the end.

Just a heads up, folks. Remain calm, prepare for anything, and as QAnon says, “Enjoy the show”.  From what we hear below, the avalanche has just left the station.  ~ BP


New: Title TBD
30 Nov 2018 – 8:31:00 PM
30 Nov 2018 – 8:26:17 PM
“New Clinton Foundation Whistleblower TBA Next Monday?”

In a discussion between Hannity, John Soloman and Sara Carter, something new came to light about the Clinton Foundation investigation.

HANNITY: Now: there’s something percolating that will probably break Monday. You’re both smiling. Do either one of you want to give the audience….well, a little heads up…..

JOHN: I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean. Just two hours ago, federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the [Utah] US Attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation, [this is the] first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office. That just happened tonight.

HANNITY: Are you talking about the one who’s home was raided?

JOHN S.:No, this is a new—a different whistleblower that you might…..you’ll learn a lot on Monday, I betcha.

HANNITY: All right, we’ll learn a lot more on Monday. Sara, last word…

SARA: We need to keep our eyes—

HANNITY: What’s the preview of Monday’s coming attraction?

SARA (big laugh): I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to on Monday, Sean. And I think the American people are going to see that there was [something] happening behind the scenes at the FBS as well as the Dept of Justice. And Michael Horowitz has been doing a very deep dive into this…There’s gonna be a lot of breaking news in the next month and [in] the months to come.

HANNITY: Amazing the year of the boomerang. We were right all along. It continues.


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