George H.W. Bush… Dead Again… Or is it “Still”? ~ December 1, 2018

Editor’s Note: Is this indeed a sign of the times? Is George Bush, Sr. “now dead” a signal that the dark are indeed leaving this planet the only way they can…by their physical demise? Let’s see: Trump has usurped the Queen over in London; now Daddy Bush is dead along with his wife, the daughter of Aleister Crowley; Deutche Bank has been raided; the situation in Syria seems stable; and the good ‘ole US governemnt full of deep state operatives is about to go topsy-turvy.

So…keep aware of what’s going on, keep your head low, pray for true and lasting peace on Earth, and…



Some may feel this is good news. Some may not feel it’s “news” at all. We understood he died some time ago and the treasonous cabal media just recirculates old photos to keep the living legend alive.

Since the old bugger’s doctor was murdered, we suspect Poppy Bush has been dead for awhile and they had to keep it on the hush-hush until such time as it was “convenient” to have him pass officially.

Some of us may feel cheated because it’s one less traitor we’ll see doing a perp walk publicly and getting his just desserts for treasonous acts and crimes against Humanity.

Robert Steele paid his respects in a brief and fleeting (it’s now gone) blog post that went like this in the notification I got via email…

SPECIAL: Satan’s Child Has Died — Good Riddance to George H. W. Bushby Editor

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I’ll keep this short. George H. W. Bush, the biggest fraud, biggest criminal, and biggest traitor in modern American political history, has died.

This is the man that approved, in 1990 if not earlier, the transformation of the condemned Twin Towers into a false flag terrorist attack planned and executed by the Zionist state of Israel as a pretext for war abroad and a police state at home.

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Whether he’s still dead, or dead again, suffice it to say that this “news” is probably a sensational distraction and while I don’t expect President Trump said anything very truthful about the despicable career of this psychopath, Bush does not—any more than John McCain—deserve our time or sentiments. He’s a traitor and it’s a crime he didn’t meet the same fate at the hands of the REAL military patriots.

The end. Good riddance. Now can we get on to important topics?  ~ BP


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