Massive Trainload of Tanks & Armor Seen on the Move Outside New Orleans ~ November 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: Thanks J for this report from the Hal Turner Radio Show! While I do NOT have any intention of spreading fear, I DO believe Americans need to know unusual events  as they occur in our nation. It is past time for Americans to “wake up” and understand that, indeed, our country is at a spiritually based war with forces of the dark (deep state).

I also believe President Trump does have the military at his beck and call (kinda/sorta, if you listened to Thomas Williams today) and that the actions seen today are a sign of positive movement. It IS time for Americans to hold the faith knowing deep in their hearts that this battle between Light and dark which is now coming out into the open for all to see.

Action is coming which will bring this battle into everyone’s vision. In the meantime, stay aware of news, breath deep and stay calm, and…



An utterly massive trainload of American military tanks and heavy armor was video recorded by civilians in Metarie, Louisiana this past Sunday.  The very unusual sight of so many main battle tanks being moved by rail has folks asking “Is America going to war?

The video below was shot from the parking lot of Walmart on Louisiana Route 48 eastbound as the road nears Louisiana Route 90.

In the video, a very large train filled with tanks and all manner of other heavy war-fighting equipment can be seen on the elevated railroad coming off the Huey P. Long Bridge which crosses the Mississippi River.

In the video, the train appears to be heading NORTH from New Orleans – but its destination is unknown to those recording the video.

The Google map below allows you to zoom-in to see the railroad bridge from street level.  It also allows you to follow those railroad tracks and find that they bend to the northeast soon after the location shown in the video.

Turning to the northeast sort of leaves out the Mexican border, but it certainly does not rule out movement toward the US east coast for possible deployment to Europe.

New Orleans is a giant Port City with vast capabilities to load and unload ships traveling the Gulf of Mexico or elsewhere.  If the tanks were destined to . . . oh, let’s say South America (Venezuela) . . . it seems to the average person they might be shown moving south, toward the Port of New Orleans.  But this train is moving North.

So where did this trainload of heavy armor originate and where is it heading?   The Pentagon DECLINES TO COMMENT.




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