Headlines and Updates for November 21, 2018: Thanksgiving Eve Rumbles [videos] ~ November 21, 2018

America is shakin’ with all sorts of civil war activities but they’re invisible to even the intelligent and best informed.

We can’t lay claim to all the fame and glory here, however, because the rest of the world is shakin’ things up too.

Our friends in Germany know the score and they are not going to take it any more. They are tired of waking up every morning under the blanket of guilt for a war they had little to do with. Good for you, Germany. You’re smart and you’ll win your war, just as the Brits will win theirs, France will win theirs, and America and Canada will win theirs.

Thanks, J, for the encouraging signs of awakening in your country. Very exciting messages, to be sure. United we stand, indeed!

(There are multiple languages in the subtitles, including English.)

People the world over are realizing they are not who the controllers have been telling them they are. They are so much more, and they don’t deserve to be treated like cattle. They are sheep no more. They will take back their freedom, oust the psychopaths, and declare their sovereignty. A new world is coming, and we can wake up to it any time we choose.

This is a time to give thanks that we are here to see the almost miraculous wrenching of freedom out of the hands of vile creatures who have subjugated us for millennia.

QAnon appears to have awoken, too, having left a few new posts after a long absence. Don’t worry America, they’ve got this. All the unspeakable things that have unfolded on this planet and in America will be addressed. It’s getting really good now, don’t you think? As Q says, “enjoy the show.” He is making the “D5” avalanche reference again. Do you hear that rumbling?

Praying Medic had a quick update for us yesterday you might enjoy.

Sean at the SGT Report had a chat with former marine/CIA Robert David Steele and they discuss the current situation unfolding in America.

The War Drummer has a new history lesson for us about George Washington and the Freemasons. Folks love his dramatic style and theatrical presentation. It makes learning so entertaining and it’s too bad schools didn’t use such props for their lessons. The kids would be enthralled and it would stick so much better.

It will take time to correct the problems in our world as the dark ones have programmed people that can be “activated” when needed, and most unexpected. We expect it, but we never know when or where they will strike. They’re like human land mines, unfortunately, and often hurt innocent people.

Brussels: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs policeman in neck as Macron visits city

It’s important to replace the corrupt judges currently overseeing the courts with honest, constitutional ones, not puppets paid to support the disgusting leftist, evil agenda.

Detroit: Federal judge orders female genital mutilation charges against Muslim doctor dropped

Our friend at You Are Free TV discusses aspects of current events surrounding the California fires, Paradise in particular, and the betrayal of Californians by Gov. Jerry Brown. Thank goodness he is on his way out.

There is an additional concern about what the psychopaths may be planning with respect to California because we have already had people talking about volcanic activity, lava, etc. We don’t use the term “psychopath” lightly. We know Agenda 2030 is a valid plan they had to eliminate 90 per cent of Humanity and California is one place they started. We also know they have the ability to cause volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

It sounds like she gets a lot of pushback regarding Trump in video comments and some may be trolls, but there are folks out there who don’t understand the grand scheme on multiple dimensions and they will understandably respond that way to what they see unfolding based on historical events in America. This is not like those old political shenanigans. Different ball game. This is beyond Super Bowl.

Many of us know this is far bigger than most people on our planet understand. There is more in play than we see on the surface and we have to trust that everything that can be done to take down the enemy of Humanity is being done, and we need to support President Trump.

She also discusses the lockdown of the airport in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti now and what appears to be the takedown of the corrupt government there that enables the predators to feed on children.


Here is an update from the Unknown Lightwarrior about the planetary situation from the Light Forces perspective—the one most people are unaware of in what is largely a spiritual war between good and evil; the Light and the dark.

What the Light Forces are MOST Grateful For: The Driving Force that Motivates Them. Planetary Clearing Report+White Friday

Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor, issued a warning for California for Thanksgiving weekend for heavy rains and mudslides. We don’t have to tell you that a place that has been deforested is ripe for landslides and flooding. Please pray for the people of California who bear the brunt of these retaliatory attacks for the take-down of the deep state that is currently unfolding in America.

They have been spraying us with chemtrails here in Arizona relentlessly and I suspect it’s part of the offensive attack they have planned for California.

On Monday night around sunset there were the most bizarre chevron-shaped clouds in the western sky over Phoenix. All kinds of them, like the red NASA “swoosh” but slightly more horizontal.  ~ BP

Danger! Heavy Rain & Mudslides for California & a Thanksgiving week Forecast

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