Military in Charge RAW | Dr. Steve Pieczenik [video] ~ November 17, 2018

Editor’s Note: I post this price for your attention due to the recent news that the US military is currently under a 72-hour alert. What’s goin’ down? Who knows, but perhaps the video below will be enlightening. Please watch, know that the fight for Planet Earth  may be preparing to close (?), and…



This is an interesting perspective from Steve. I was unaware Donald Trump had any military training. Somehow I missed that part of his background.

We can see that the new administration in America is different from the style it was, and that is by design. The President needs to surround himself with honest, constitutional people who put America and Americans first. He has been lied to many times, I’m sure, and given bad intelligence to manipulate him.

After nearly two years he has a much better idea of who to trust and who the traitors are. It’s impossible to overpower a long-standing corrupt government with only a few good men.

Let’s be clear: there are two militaries in America: the non-corrupted military that serves at the pleasure of their Commander-in-Chief, and the cabal’s military—the SS program, or Secret Space Program military, comprising remnants of the Nazis who were never defeated in WWII, and covertly relocated to America, South America, etc. under “Project Paperclip”.

The forces the President and his people are up against (the deep state/cabal/military industrial complex run by draco-reptilian officers) is itself military in nature so it makes sense that to win this war, drain the swamp, and protect the American people, he has to match or exceed their military might and intelligence—hence the new “space force”.

That is all just my take on it. Steve asks that we hear him out without going off half cocked.  ~ BP

OPUS 99: Military in Charge RAW
Steve Pieczenik

The military is taking over and its a good thing. Hear me out on this one.

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