Breaking Free From the Herd ~ November 17, 2018


By Renate Helene Zormeier


Dear companions of the new age, dear sisters and brothers,

For a long time our thinking has been brought into a kind of norm; only an emu with a head in the sand can not have noticed. We are being chewed for the umpteenth time as we have to think. It is known from psychology that our brain  lifeconsiders and accepts everything it hears as TRUE.

And now, the term “normo-pathie” came to my mind again recently.

The term “normo-pathie” was already coined by Erich Wulff in 1972 and associated with certain personality structures.

Under normo-pathieis understood as a personality disorder of the human being, which expresses itself in a compulsive form of adaptation to alleged pre-existing and normative behaviors and regulations within social relationships and living spaces. A driving moment in this case is the exaggerated quest for conformity with the abandonment of one’s own individuality, which ultimately leads to different symptoms and symptomatology and can become a pathological event. The unconditional over-adaptation to socio-cultural norms thus becomes a real illness. Since, in principle, the desire for normalcy is not considered morbid, but rather a healthy attitude, the pathology of the event with its often somatoform symptoms is often not perceived as such (see Wikipedia).

So, when a society undergoes an aberration because it produces pathological and ill-making circumstances and values ​​and raises them to the norm, then one speaks of “normo-pathie” … ie a “pathological normality”, that from outside to inside like a trend-setting set of rules acts; like a matrix that makes you ill, but is asserted and lived through as normal. It is at this point that our public social fabric has arrived.

In order to save ourselves, it is time for us to step out of the existing social normo-pathie and return to a healthy and healthy life.

This is not an easy task, because now it is not just the big issues of our society that have fallen victim to the Normo-Pathie. No, it is also the many, as little things camouflaged giant requirements that determine our everyday lives … which we hardly notice.

The way, if we want to bring forth a new earth, a golden age, does not avoid liberating us from this imposed thought and action. This path of liberation leads us back to individuality, to our very nature of human self-determination. He literally forces us to assume absolute responsibility. 
Get out of these compulsive ways of thinking! The easiest way is to switch off the public media opinion in order to avoid the constant hypnosis.

Our head is round so that thinking can change direction!

Only that makes us free, responsibly powerful and creative and, in my view, the indispensable prerequisite for a new era.

Let us ask ourselves what this social matrix actually serves for. Why do we need this so firm structure of social beliefs, behavioral standards, norms and so-called normalities?

And do we really need that? 
Have we always lived like humans?

We are all involved in supposedly “normal” constraints. We have to earn money to have a roof over our heads and eat. We believe that in order to maintain our standard of living, which we believe makes us happy, requires paid work or another source of income. This is our radius of movement, our carrot, which we run after like the donkey. But … we feel a bondage from the youngest age. We always have to comply with the conditions that are given and that we were usually not allowed to or should not be allowed to decide. The pressure that is built up from the outside and that we make our own inner pressure makes many sick.

Who benefits and why do we find him normal? Is that good for members of this society? So, who is he really using?

Unfortunately, the external pressure factors are in sophisticated interaction with a trait we humans carry within us: the desire for fellowship and belonging. It used to be easy and normal to live. At the present time, there are hardly any smaller groups and clan associations that were originally much better suited to it. There exists now the collective, the human structure as a whole. Ergo our desire can be lived automatically only collectively. The question then arises in the room, whether this is not our trait perfectly suited to use it from the outside for a sustainable manipulation?

Where is our self-determination and how should we still think of our individual life concept or even of dreams? 
Where is our health?

Leading forces like to compare themselves to a shepherd … and for us the image of a flock of sheep remains. The shepherd has a tremendous advantage when he or his helper, the shepherd, keeps his herd together. Then he can guide them more easily, has better control over all the sheep and the outbreak of a single sheep is not so easily possible. Would not you as a shepherd act that way? Many have unconsciously already accepted that. But despite herd keeping is additionally “standardized”.

Who has any of this if we all think in a similar way? If our opinion differs only as far as possible from the others and even members of the herd are even led to exclude dissenters? Why is this “sold” to us as a sense of community and belonging?

The herd is then better to lead!

In this way, we now see more clearly how self-reflection and individuality are viewed and evaluated in our social form. There the speaker speaks of fringe groups, outsiders, minorities, spinners, exotics, dropouts, extremists, loners, conspiracy theorists and whatever else are used for designations. All of these terms are not exactly recorded with a positive voice, indeed it is even borderline to show these “appearances” to tolerance.

On the subtle level, in the highly vaunted collective field, it is largely successfully prevented that each and every one of us returns to our very original, own vibration frequency. And that the individual does not notice that it does not reach the originality of its own source of power, from which it can effectively live the mission with which it is actually incarnated on earth.

In our social structure, the originality was turned upside down. The field of individuals should create the collective field … today the collective field creates the field of individuals. There the horse sits on the rider!

So let’s shake the horse off the back and get up again.

Let’s look for a jump from the standardized herd (from the matrix) and find a separate pasture off the herd that suits us. Surprise! There are also the people who have also found a way to feel themselves again and to live individuality. They can form small networks of relationships that can provide them with the fulfillment of their inner need for community and belonging and can be the source of truthfulness, freedom from fear, self-determination, personal responsibility, joie de vivre and ease.

Breaking out of the herd takes courage!

No one is helped when he feels with the clown, who sadly states: “that’s life” and then smiles in the face, feels solidarity. Let us support each other in doing so, once again starting to perceive the independent nature of another human being without any valuation, to honor them and to love fellow human beings, and to stop squeezing those who think differently into a drawer.

Let us celebrate our individuality, celebrate our own abnormality and those of our companions, and then create a collective field out of them … a field of freethinking! A world of real smiles and laughter!

Let us immerse ourselves in the world of our unconditional freedom and meet again in new pastures!

heartbeat Renate Helene Zormeier




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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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