Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ It is Time… Soul Mission Activation ~ November 12, 2018

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Love. I am come bringing Love and Light on the collective consciousness of Humanity. The energies of the 11~11 Portal ignited the “Completion Energies” of The Ascension of GAIA, Twin Flame Reunions, The New Earth Story and so much more. The energetic point that finalizes these energies will be 12~21. Keep in your hearts Dear Ones, this is a multi-dimensional orchestration as is The Divine Plan. It is through the hearts that you develop and access the inner knowing of what is happening within you as well as outside of you. More transformations and revelations are before you during these profound and climatic moments. This planet Belongs to LOVE and those in the Heat Know This Truth. LOVE HAS WON!

Many Lightworkers have always wondered their purpose here on Our beloved Planet Earth. In truth, Being in the Present Moment of Now is the initial mission. When you are Present, you are in your natural state, your Prime Element of Beingness, which is Unconditional Love. It is here, that the ego-mind can not distract, take over or infiltrate You. The “Powers Who Weren’t” knew this truth. Hence why their infiltration and attacks upon you were so severe. The mind serves as a back door for them to infiltrate the human collective. They wish to keep you in the mind so they may continue the old 3D paradigm and usurp the energies of Humanity as food. You can Not balance what is meant to be imbalanced… and that is the Mind.

The Soul is the purest essence of Unconditional Love, which is who YOU ARE. It is your soul that guides you along your journey amongst the many star families, angels, elementals and more. If you have wondered why your missions couldn’t have ignited sooner is simply, your ego-minds (EGO=Edging God Out) was blocking divine intelligence, which is your Soul. As many know now the immense transformation process of your journey back home into the Heart, it has become easier to identify the fallacies of the programmed ego mind. Awareness = Consciousness Dear Ones. Once you are aware of the imbalances, you can transform them. Utilizing your Golden Rainbow swords on lower consciousness thoughts and energies that tries to lower your Joy will assist you greatly. Also, St Germain’s Violet Flame is always at your access for transforming the ego-mind, lower conscious thought and energies.

As your transform these energies, you are able to anchor in higher consciousness within your vessel and into our beloved Gaia. Your Soul comes online. You enter Unity Consciousness. The “I AM” becomes “WE ARE”. Those still in self-importance, in the “Lone Wolf” programming, or still hanging on to the mind, can not access Unity Consciousness, receive the up and coming Light Codes, nor be in 5D Frequencies. Honor their choice and move forward. Your Heart will not lead you astray. It is your Soul that knows what lies next in your Journey.

I would like to Bring to your Awareness, the importance of Grounding. Grounding is vital on the Ascension Journey. If you are not grounded, you can not anchor in higher consciousness, nor can you pour your energies into GAIA as well as receive the healing energies of GAIA. We notice the collective Feminine and those lacking meat in their diets are very ungrounded. Some of the symptoms you may experience are; headaches, migraines, vertigo, nausea, stomach issues, spaced out, reactive, emotional imbalances and much more. Gaia has provided tools to assist with grounding such as; natural tobacco, coffee, beer and meat. Let go of any belief systems with food. The nutrients within meat help to connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain together to then fully connect with the heart. It is the brain (not the mind) and heart working in unison which opens up to psychic abilities, telepathy, healing and more. Tune into your body as she knows what nutrients are best to better integrate these energies and greatly lessen any discomfort. Your body is Divine Intelligence. Tree Meditation assists greatly with grounding. However, if your body is malnourished, the trees can do little to assist with grounding and energy integration.


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The Time has come for your Soul Mission Activations to unfold. Mission will be activated for those with Hearts open to receive the light information for the next phase in the Divine Plan. Twin Flames are being activated as they here to be of Service to GAIA, not continue the old paradigm of relationships. Missions will vary for everyone. These include: Planetary Energy Work, Emissary to the Galactic Family, Collaboration with The Elementals, Community Coordination, Healing (All Facets), Cultivation with the Plant Kingdom, Servicing the Light Cities and more.

Stay Open, Unattached and Receptive to receive more guidance to your new roles. Treat this journey as an adventure, like a child in pure wonder of what is unfolding. Your inner child yearns for this and so much more.

I bow in Unconditional Love and Honor to all those who have chosen the Path of The Heart and assisted in anchoring the energies of Heaven on Planet Earth=Heart. Your Are the Brave, The Mighty, The Christed Ones, The Winged Ones of many Prophecies… and Eternally Loved by All Creation.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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