Twin Soul Energy Report 11:11~The Event is Happening, We Have Lift Off ~ November 8, 2018

By Matarjii

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with a deeply exciting message for all of you who have been vibrationally drawn to these words.


Please know It is our greatest joy to come forth in this cosmic moment, just before the much anticipated 11:11 twin flame mastery gateway.


Huge energies are continuing to relentlessly bombard Earth’s atmosphere currently and it gives us great delight to inform you that the Ascension timeline is now dominating as the collective timeline


This is a huge breakthrough beloved’s and means that all of your light workers who so diligently have been showing up to do the Deep shadow work, and  soul alchemy, those of you who are willing engaging in the dismantling of all illusory false programming, it is due to your efforts that we can speak these powerful words.


The Tipping Point has been reached beloved and the insidious control of the third Dimension of Matrix is dissolving as we speak, and as we have mentioned over and over in the last few months in terms of the handing over of power from the darkness to the light now really is showtime, and those of you who follow reliable alternative Media outlets will be aware that many many arrests are beginning to take place at the high-level elite fractions in the form of sealed indictments finally becoming unsealed


Dear ones, time as you understand it from the 3-D perspective does not exist, as all timelines – past, future and parallel run concurrently in the eternal moment of now. However within this perpetual NOW moment, agreements have been made by the collective consciousness that certain emphasis would be placed on particular dates in order to assist the off planetary ascension overseers to bombard the earth’s atmosphere with an increased/influx of heightened spiritual cosmic energy on these dates, and one of these significant dates is the 11:11.


At times like this it is strongly advisable for you to come together in your soul groups/ twin flame Ascension groups in order to harness the power of group intention on significant portal dates such as this. When 2 or more gather in this way to align your intentions with the will of prime creator, there are literally no words that can adequately express how powerful this is dear ones.


Individually you hold levels of spiritual power that can affect weather patterns on the other side of the planet to where you are right now. With the power of your mind you can heal all illness or disease in the body. There is literally nothing that you can conceive that you cannot achieve. You are not who society has told you you are. You are a living angelic avatar being who holds the undiluted energies are our divine creator within your own living heart consciousness.



Dear ones the 11:11 marks a hugely significant turning point for many many genuine bonafide twin flames, and as such is precipitating a vast barrage of twin flame recognition and reunions within this numerological cosmic gateway.


For many of you this will manifest as aligning with more and more 5d communication from your twin flame and a heightened increase in the level of synchronicities which for genuine twin flame is is about to go through the roof, and you will be utterly flabbergasted to bear witness to such meticulous precision that these synchronicities will indicate.



Beloveds please remember that the union of you and your twin flame has already been decreed, and the earthly manifestation of this is unfolding with meticulous precision, and in accordance with the divine plan


Please know it is our greatest honour to invite all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words to please come forward on the 11:11 master portal date at 11.11 AM pacific time (7.11pm uk time ) to participate in a highly auspicious ceremony. In this ceremony we are being guided to clear on a personal and collective level the vast residues of grief that we as a human family have been holding onto.


We will be guided on a deep journey to transmute all of our grief that we have accumulated not only in this lifetime but in other lifetimes as well and we are being guided to transmute this grief into joy with the assistance of of our galactic brothers and sisters.


As ever it is powerful to do this work on an individual level but when we come together in our soul groups to activate these transformations the results are exponentially intensified and accelerated.


We are also being guided to offer assistance to the karmic  partners as many of the Divine masculine and feminines Who are finding it difficult to follow the signs of their higher self which is guiding them towards their own divine Union. In this ceremony will be opening up a portal that will assist in the clearing of many of the karmic soul contracts which in most cases are founded in the vibration of lack, fear, and control


Also in this ceremony we will be activating an upgrade of the physical body and assisting in its process of transitioning from carbon to crystalline based.


Please know that for all of you who sign up to be part of a ceremony of this calibre you will experience transformations in your field initially upon signing up, as your higher self will be preparing your etheric field to receive these upgrades just as a gardener will go in to prepare the soil before the seeds are planted.


This is extremely powerful work beloved’s and it is our greatest privilege to join with you all on this highly auspicious day


in love and Eternal Light Mata hari ji and the white wolf tribe.



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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  1. Fanny says:

    So, where do we sign up?


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