Late Headlines and Updates for October 30, 2018; Are You Ready? Here it Comes [videos] ~ October 30, 2018

I’m getting ready for a trip to Canada so my time is limited. When I realized I would be out of the country for the American election I was mortified. What was I thinking???  I’ll be trying to stay abreast whenever I get the chance via WiFi and feeling totally out of the picture. The following are a few items I picked up today in my travels.  ~ BP

Another helicopter crash… in Florida. RT has the video. Not much in the way of details this early in the investigation.

Helicopter crashes into Florida trailer park, deaths reported

As unbelievable as it may sound…

Is Gillum really a candidate for Floridians??? Sounds like another democrat extremist to me, and he made a remarkable and rapid rise in this race, coming front and center in no time flat. Agenda, anyone?

Why do so many nasty things happen in Florida—particularly Broward County? Because so many nasty people run the show there. From Florida we have heard about Sheriff Israel, the Parkland school shooting, the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre, Hurricane Michael, a federal prosecutor found floating in the water at Hollywood Beach near Miami, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Governor Rick Scott, now a helicopter crash… all coincidence?

Andrew Gillum Fought U.S. ‘Genocide,’ ‘Colonialism’ Through 2017 as Youth Director of Extremist Org

Praying Medic has a new video for us.

SerialBrain2 update from “And We Know” channel…

This is spectacular video footage of 4 discs. Hopefully that’s our friends upstairs keeping watch over things so they don’t go sideways at the border, or to avert attempts at any massive terrorist attacks.

What was just recorded above Mexico?

It lives: Hubble’s back online. That being the case, it sounds as though the critical operations overhead involving our galactic friends have abated for now.

Dave at the X22 Report certainly is confident in what he is seeing and hearing. Like all of us, he advises everyone to BE PREPARED. November 6 is SHTF time, when the demoncrat cry babies will be doing their best to take out their fury on anyone they can.

Thomas Williams says some disruptions wouldn’t be unexpected but no catastrophic events. There’s no way to know what their programmed, mind-controlled puppets will try to pull off to make life inconvenient. Above all, NO FEAR. If you have what you need to avoid the city, shops, filling stations, and banks etc. for a week—if it comes to that—congratulations.

Stripping the Central Banks’ power is easier than you think

Message sent, message received: Anons now know

Bill Still brings us news on the protection planned at the US/Mexico border. Great update.

Gen. O’Shaughnessy We Will Secure the Border, 2427

The following narrated update contains a lot of details about activities within the caravan and on the part of Mexican authorities. It speaks of the large numbers of young men who rush flatbed trucks called out to assist the trekkers, leaving mothers with children and strollers behind and still walking. That speaks to the fact that there are many who are not part of families and not interested in assisting their fellow migrants; only themselves. It also discusses the dangers to children and the child trafficking.

A lot of decent people were duped, and realized it and went back home. Unfortunately, it’s the undesirables who will no doubt make it to the US border DEMANDING asylum, jobs, etc.  ~ BP


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