Headlines and Updates for October 27, 2018: Expose the Lies! [videos] ~ October 27, 2018

I’m extra busy this weekend but had to put out these key updates.

I also want to say that QAnon undoubtedly knew they would stop holding our hands in October prior to the election. He/They provided a dynamite education for the American people who were previously misled and unaware. We saw the birth of a huge movement of awakened patriots the Independent Media community could previously only dream about. Conspiracies no more!

Many people wouldn’t listen to us, but Q had a connection we were lacking and I’m pleased they stepped in and did what needed to be done. Q left us with a very important final post that most people have seen by now.

Out of that newly developed awareness we saw the birth of the ‘Walkaway Movement’ and others, millions of people—even in other countries—watching the historic deployment of the White Hats’ secret weapon—Donald J. Trump—and a swelling of love and pride for not only for America but Humanity and our plight to end the reign of terror on our planet.

If only we could wrest control of the mass media from the psychopaths and put it in the hands of the White Hats our job would be so much easier, but it is what it is and we will work with it. We have done our jobs and await the warm, red wave of Truth that will wash over America on November 6th. We can already feel it lapping at our toes.  ~ BP

Emailer from Honduras Tells The Truth About The Caravan

Thanks, J.

Critical! All Must Know Migrants Secret Plans/Routes 2018

Days Of Darkness Will Give Way To Light,The Day Americans Learn The Truth – Episode 1700b

Dave tells us his view of why the President went along with the narrative of the FBI/CIA/NYPD on the alleged “MAGABomber”. Even I can see that if Trump vilifies the bombers and shooters—terrorists—that when the Truth comes out and the psychopaths are exposed for who and what they are—the public will want the same treatment for THEM; be it 56 years of prison or the death penalty. Like he says, this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and the nation must be protected from terrorist acts.

Trump also spoke out on the mass murder at the Synogogue. Ultimately, this works in our favour. We just have to wait for it.

The Globalists are Losing the War – MAGA is WINNING

Thomas Williams dumped some very good intel on Thursday. You can listen at the link until the video is uploaded.


New $10-Million Reward in Deaths of Canadian Pharmaceutical Billionaires, Clinton Foundation Haiti Links


This is interesting… and not necessarily a “bad thing”. Since the four southern states are already seeing illegal migrants breaking through the border, there could be covert ops going on to control the situation.

Texas Is Getting “Bombarded” With Something ??? Check Out The Radar


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