Twin Soul Ascension report.. full moon in Taurus, sun in scorpio, ancestors calling… ~ October 26, 2018

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time as the full moon is settling in the earthy sign of Taurus. Indeed, many of you who are reading these words will agree, the current energies have been extraordinarily intense. We would like to offer you some insight as to why this may be the case for many of you dearest ones.

As you are well aware, the human collective Consciousness is transitioning from a 3rd dimensional frequency band to a fifth dimensional frequency band, and with this inevitably comes the transformation of the human physical vessel

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented level of solar flares, geomagnetic storms, solar rays, gamma rays and photonic light particle bombardment. Please know that these photonic light particles are dispensed from the heart of galactic Central and have been designed to specifically interlink with humanity’s DNA.

The light energy of the photonic particles are so potently transformational, and as they interact with the human vessel,  there is a density mismatch.

What this means is that the light particles are working specifically to eliminate all of the false matrix programming that has been stored in humanities personal and collective consciousness.

This is the reason why many are experiencing intense Ascension symptoms currently, as the human vessels still has large quantities of density to clear, and as the photonic light particles interact with the human vessel, they instigate a transformation and upgrade of the human vessel, which can be experienced as intense physical symptoms and energy moving around in the body.

Many in the last few weeks, (particularly since the September equinox) have been experiencing issues with their stomach and digestive system and menstrual cycle. The reasons for this are as follows…….1.The stomach is the area of the body whereby we have swallowed all of this illusory false programming and therefore there is still a fair amount of density stored in the stomach and digestive system. 2. There has been a huge collective sacral chakra purge and upgrade taking place the last few weeks……

Dearest ones, As ever we always recommend you to get tested if you are being intuitively prompted to do so, and at times like this it would be advisable for you to work very much with probiotics that will support your gut to settle with these new higher frequencies. We also highly recommend working with homoeopathy and Bach Flower remedies which are vibrational healing modalities, which you will find are most effective in these intense Ascension passages.

These truly are the most exciting times to be alive and coexisting in a human physical form, and please know that there are millions and millions of star beings who are currently residing in the Earth’s atmosphere who have all journeyed far from their planets of Origin to come forward to bare witness to this extraordinarily miraculous shift in consciousness that humanity is currently experiencing.

These are in some ways, the most extraordinary and yet challenging times for many of you, and therefore we advise you to remember the importance of every single day practicing the art of gratitude and sending blessings whenever you remember to do so.  We advise you to focus on all the things, aspects and relationships in your life that you are truly grateful for from big to minuscule to medium. When you choose to focus on gratitude you are unconsciously communicating to your eGoic consciousness that it is no longer in control, and that you the Divine sovereign being is taking back the reins and is choosing to focus your powerful mind energy on positivity and gratitude. This is one of the most important ways to maintain a very high frequency and to keep yourself stabilised on your highest timelines.

We have now entered Scorpio season and thus emotional intensity could be revisited during the coming few weeks. Your greatest job is to be the observer of the rise and fall of the phenomena in your mind, and for many of you there will be tests with certain family members whereby intense emotions will be stirred up and you will be tested to see whether you bye into the drama or are able to stay witnessing, observing and detached, For many the words “not my circus not my monkey” will be a Godsend.

The energy is now building up towards samhain also celebrated as The Day of the Dead In the Northern Hemisphere. This is an extremely Potent time in the pagan calendar as our ancient ancestors were well aware that at this time the veil between the inner and outer realms is virtually non-existent, and on this particular day it is customary for our ancestors to come forward from the higher Realms to assist us and Bless us on our ongoing journey.

Therefore we would like to inform you that a Samhain ancestors ceremony will take place on October 31st at 7:17 p.m. UK time.

In this ceremony we will be working specifically with clearing our most significant ancestral burdens working with the principle of 7 Generations behind and 7 generations in Front. This is such important work that we are being called to do brothers and sisters as we are ensuring that our future generations are able to incarnate into a realm free of all ancestral trauma and false negative programming.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to be part of and for many of you please expect visitations from your ancestors via visions and also in the dreamtime during this period especially those who sign up to be part of the ceremony. We will also be working with clearing the trauma of sexual abuse from the Planetary grid and we will also be activating a deep sacral chakra healing and realignment with the blessing of all of our ancestors.

Please know that I jen the facilitator am so humbled to be bringing forth this level of spiritual work and deeply look forward to Gathering with all of you on October the 31st.

Please see below for full details to book onto this ceremony.

A word to the Twin soul collective now…….Please know that the divine masculine polarity consciousness is very much on the verge of another archetypal “Tower” moment, as for many who are still in Karmic partnerships the cracks are now well and truly beginning to show, and it is becoming obvious that this is in fact not a 100% soul based connection and is more of a superficial 3D connection. This realisation is very much on the agenda for many divine masculines who have in fact on the higher level simply been giving their Divine feminine the time that they need to step out and step forward now as the true leaders, guide and wayshowers that they have incarnated to be.

The Divine feminine must be in balance with her own masculine energy now which means she must be out there and seen in the world, and a lot of the divine masculine or calling for this now from the Divine feminine

In closing we would like to leave you with one last message….You who read these words, are on the front line of this collective awakening timeline trajectory, and please know that your leadership skills are needed now like never before. Lead with your heart as your primary compass and you will go so far dearest ones.

All is precisely in perfect divine order.. Please know this and go forward in confidence and full trust that the creator is diligently cooking up yr divine union ready to be delivered to u in the perfect divine timing

See u all on the 31st, in love and eternal light Jen and the white wolf tribe

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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