Democrats: Fake News… Fake Bombs [video] ~ October 25, 2018

Editor’s Note: Did they really think this False Flag would work? Really? The clock is ticking, deep state…it’s only a matter of time! Please think about this, read below, and…



People are catching on and letting the fake media know that they know.

Once the dimms realized it was all over the Internet that the bombs weren’t even “live” and that “we knew”, they gave pause and there was a brief, “One moment please. Recalculating.”

Next thing we knew, conservatives like the Washington radio station WMAL were getting suspicious packages, too.  ~ BP

Fake “pipe bomb” HOAX unravels as Democrats appear desperate to sway elections

Read the rest at Natural News…
Is there anything the psychopaths can’t use to find a way to blame Trump for everything?

These are CNN headlines…

CNN Chyron: Mail Bomb Recipients Are ‘Trump’s Targets’

Steve Schmidt: Trump Stoked ‘Cold Civil War,’ His Rhetoric Makes Violence ‘Inevitable’


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