Headlines and Updates for October 24, 2018: October Surprise—or Lies? [videos] ~ October 24, 2018

The Soros home gets a detonation device and CNN on the list too? As I composed this post, similar headlines continued to grow.

Are some opponents giving the psychopaths a taste of their own terror? They definitely send a message. I wouldn’t put it past these psychopaths to send the bombs to themselves, however. Bombs aren’t the way the “good guys” roll.

CNN newsroom in New York is evacuated due to suspicious package

It continues… we have several more with RT coverage

San Diego Union-Tribune office, Kamala Harris office evacuated over suspicious package


Suspicious package addressed to Fmr. At. Gen. Eric Holder has been intercepted – reports


Former Presidents Targeted With Explosive Devices

October 23, 2018

A lot of news has been made lately about members of the GOP being attacked by liberal crazies. But this time the Dems are on the receiving end.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were the targets of suspicious packages thought to be explosive devices on Wednesday. The escalation on both sides is getting out of hand.

According to CNBC:

The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday that “potential explosive devices” were sent to former President Barack Obama and ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

A law enforcement official told The New York Times that the “explosive device” sent to the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York, was found by a technician who screens mail for the former president and his family.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the package addressed to Obama was intercepted by agency personnel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning.

“The packages were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such,” Assistant Special Agent Mason Brayman said in the statement. “The protectees did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them.”

The Secret Service is reported to have launched a full-scale investigation to find those responsible for this act. Political differences should never cloud the ability to see right and wrong.


RT also featured a live press conference with the mayor of New York City who stated these “October surprises” are acts of terrorism and will be investigated.



And then—after I had listed all the above, an article came in that supports the “victimization” theory and that the poor, desperate psychopaths sent the bombs to themselves to get the sympathy votes. It also makes the sane ones look bad. What do you think?

Fake News Bomb Story

October 23, 2018

I have been in politics for a long time, and one of the things I am sure of is that the liberal left, progressive commie Democrats lie, cheat, and are willing to do anything to curry favor in their direction so that they may increase their power over the government. Despite the manipulation of the polls, they know that there is no blue wave coming unless they do something desperate to get their voters energized, and to convince the undecided voters to sway in their direction. Because of their ideology of victimology one would expect them to paint themselves as victims to steal public sympathy.

Read the rest of the article…


Speaking of packages, NXIVM is in the news again. FBI agents found in excess of $500K stuffed in places like shoe boxes at the home of co-founder Nancy Salzman. Feds say they may keep the funds.

$500000 Stuffed in Shoeboxes from Clinton-tied Sex Cult Co-Founder’s Home

Mike Adams’ video platform Real.video is now Brighteon Films. Here is a feature video about the struggle America is embroiled in currently to secure the freedom they have recently lost, and the fascist globalists will most certainly exacerbate should they be awarded additional power in the mid-term election.



This video tells us what President Trump discussed with Texas officials with respect to the plan to deal with the caravan of illegal immigrants approaching America. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t mess with President Trump. America will not be bullied. The law is the law and the constitution will be upheld—we hope.

Here’s an update from Judicial Watch on the nature of the marchers in the caravan. The old “entitlement” bug spread to Central and South America? Unbelievable. Thanks to the deep state, the whole world believes Canada and America owe them jobs, homes, food, medical care and a pot of gold. I must say I don’t yet see any people in the caravan images so far who look thin or malnourished.

Young Angry Men & Gangbangers March Towards U.S. Yelling “Vamos Para Allá Trump!”

Besides gang members and mobs of young angry men, the Central American caravan making its way into the United States also consists of Africans, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and Indians.

Judicial Watch is covering the crisis from the Guatemalan-Honduran border this week and observed that the popular mainstream media narrative of desperate migrants—many of them women and children—seeking a better life is hardly accurate.

Guatemalan intelligence officials confirmed that the caravan that originated in the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula includes a multitude of Special Interest Aliens (SIA) from the countries listed above as well as other criminal elements and gang members.

There are also large groups of men, some with criminal histories, aggressively demanding that the U.S. take them in. During a visit to the Guatemalan town of Chiquimula, about 35 miles from the Honduran border, Judicial Watch encountered a rowdy group of about 600 men, ages 17 to about 40, marching north on a narrow two-lane highway.

Among them was a 40-year-old Honduran man who previously lived in the United States for decades and got deported. His English was quite good, and he said his kids and girlfriend live in the U.S. Another man in his 30s contradicted media reports that caravan participants are fleeing violence and fear for their life.

“We’re not scared,” he said waving his index finger as others around him nodded in agreement. “We’re going to the United States to get jobs.” Others chanted “vamos para allá Trump!” (We’re coming Trump) as they clenched their fists in the air. “We need money and food,” said a 29-year-old man who made the trek with his 21-year-old brother.

All of the migrants interviewed by Judicial Watch repeated the same rehearsed line when asked who organized the caravan, insisting it was a spontaneous event even though there were clearly organizers shouting instructions in Spanish and putting select persons in front of cameras for interviews.

A few claimed they heard about it on local news in Honduras. All of them said the caravan was not about politics but rather poverty. “I just want to get back to the U.S.,” said a 32-year-old man who admitted he has been deported from the U.S. twice. “We are all just looking for work.” The group radiated a sense of empowerment. One marcher, who appeared to be in his late teens, yelled “you go live in Honduras and see what it’s like!”

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, a conservative, said in a local newspaper report that leftist interests seeking to destabilize the country are manipulating migrants.  Women and children are being used without regard to the risks to their lives, Hernández said.

“The irregular mobilization was organized for political reasons to negatively affect the governance and image of Honduras and to destabilize the peace of neighboring countries,” the president said, adding that many have returned to the country after realizing they’ve been fooled.

Guatemala is overwhelmed with the sudden onslaught and immigration officials confirmed 1,700 migrants have been returned to Honduras on buses. The first wave of migrants totaled about 4,000, according to Guatemalan government sources, followed by a second, less organized group of about 2,000.

The impoverished Central American nation needs help, including logistical, communications and civil affairs support to stop the human caravans. “There are only so many resources we can dedicate to this,” said Guatemalan Secretary of Strategic Intelligence Mario Duarte. Guatemalans are getting robbed and crimes are being committed by the people in the caravans, Duarte said.


Dr. Dave Janda has a perspective and theory on the Trump agenda unfolding I found very credible based on the evidence. This video has 11,000 likes as of now. What do you think?

Trump’s 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State

Richard Dolan was a guest with Jimmy Church this week and they discussed the legal attempts by James Corey (Corey Goode) to copyright the terms, “secret space program” and “sphere being alliance”, as well as his reputation in the community and break with Gaia TV. Some people are really losing their marbles.

The fact that “Corey Goode” has long been accused of plagiarism and claiming the experiences and research of others as his own has been a major divisive factor in the community. CG fans are like democrats. If you say anything against him, they viciously attack you—and so does Corey. Don’t question the narrative.

I found this a riveting discussion and one of the best interviews I’ve heard in some time—long, but well worth it as they discuss the claims of many members of the “UFO” community, the struggle to maintain its veracity and respect, and the claims of “whistleblowers” and what that term even means.

Check out this “iceberg” with square corners. Funky, eh? But it’s not suspicious at all. It’s just a “tabular” iceberg that broke off an ice shelf. Of course it is. NASA said.

“LASER CUT” Iceberg In Antarctica DOESN’T Look Natural

There appears to be a lot of disinformation around Winston Shrout. Some believe he is a good guy, and he is regularly interviewed on the Goldfish Report. Others say he is a scammer and tax evader. The article sounds like it’s coming from the corrupt deep state court enforcing statutes according to the bogus Law of the Sea but I haven’t spent enough time listening to Shrout’s information to have an opinion.

Prominent tax dodger Winston Shrout sent to prison for 10 years

Did you hear about the Delta flight that had a window out in the cockpit yesterday? The comms with the tower are in this video. Wow. How often does that happen? These people certainly kept cool heads and landed safely.

EXCLUSIVE: Delta Flight 589 Loses Window After Takeoff! Complete Pilot / ATC Audio!

Scott Anthony
Published on Oct 23, 2018
Minneapolis, MN – October 23, 2018 at 16:24 UTC (1:24PM CT)

Delta Flight 589 (737) loses cabin pressure and has flight speed winds rushing into the cockpit. The pilot squawk 7700 to declare an emergency. The following is the communications between KMSP Air Traffic Control and the pilots of flight 589. As you will see, the pilots did everything they could to keep this aircraft flying; they were NOT able to hear communications and were basically flying in a very dangerous situation for about 15 minutes until they landed.

This is for entertainment purposes only and not for flight instruction.

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