The Precipice of Great Change is Upon Us ~ October 18, 2018


By Goldenlight

October 16, 2018

Greetings we are the Council of Angels with Archangel Michael. Your world is now on the precipice of great change and illumination, which will lead to a tidal wave of love and light bathing your entire planet in higher frequency energy, illuminating all darkness and turning the tide towards the most benevolent changes your planet has ever experienced since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The great plan of the ages is now moving forward with rapid speed as benevolent forces from heaven and earth propel your planet from darkness to light. Your world leaders of Light are gathering for the planning of this great success which is guaranteed, has been foretold in many prophecies, and is now coming to fruition.

The culmination of a series of events which have been planned and foretold for many eons is now reaching its rapid conclusion… all of your world leaders of the Light are focused on this great change: the changing of your world from dark to light, the removal of the dark forces from power, and the increase and expansion of the light, benevolently guiding and healing all beings and all living things upon your planet, including the planet herself. The being of your planet, (her name is Gaia), is a being just as you are, and she is in need of healing and love just as many are on planet earth.

Indeed this healing of all the beings and all parts of your dear planetary Gaia is now being thought of and planned by many of those of the light… without a planet you would not be able to survive, and the healing of the planet is of critical importance at this time in your history. Keep in mind we of the archangelic realm exist outside of time, for there is no time in the higher dimensions… everything is one continuous now moment with total unity consciousness being embraced by all beings in the higher dimensions. Because we are outside of time, we can see the most likely future timeline of your planet, and it is a very benevolent one. As all of you who read this message focus and meditate upon this vision, you are then contributing to this new reality for Earth.

Many of you will be participating in the implementation of humanitarian and planet-wide healing programs. We are grateful for your participation, as the increase in frequency and the healing of your planet affects the entire universe and multiverse. Everything in the multiverse is an emanation of Source Creator, as we have said many times, and we are sad to see any part of this multiverse been taken over by the dark which is what has happened to your planet in the recent past. Many events over the last six years in particular have been leading towards the most positive changes that your planet will ever experience, a greater transition towards the Light than you will ever experience as a planet.

For the darkness, despair and hopelessness felt by many has been so strong that the coming changes to light healing love abundance prosperity happiness well-being gratitude and joy will create a tremendous contrast and will be cause for great celebration and joy. We of the archangelic realm are most grateful to be witnessing such beautiful changes upon your planet. Our hearts sing with Joy for the benevolent changes which we can already see as we look upon your future timeline and witness these benevolent events which are happening simultaneously, as is The All.

The higher frequency energy which comes from the higher dimensions and Source Creator as well as from all benevolent galactic beings, who care about and love you and your planet, is being sent to and filtered down onto your planet earth now. Your planet is now raising its frequency to match the frequency of the higher dimensions, with higher dimensional light bathing Earth in a tidal wave of love goodwill peace joy prosperity and happiness. These higher dimensional benevolent feelings will be pervading your entire planet and all beings upon it in the future as the benevolent light spreads its way around the globe…and as many of you become involved in the planning and implementation of humanitarian programs which will assist in the healing of your planet and the beings on your planet, and of the well-being and prosperity for every living thing on and in your planet, including the planetary being of Gaia herself.

Time is short to make all these deep, healing, and loving repairs to Gaia’s planetary body.. she has been poisoned and damaged seemingly beyond repair, if it were not for the higher galactic technology that will be assisting in the repair of her body as well as the repair of your human bodies and the bodies of the animals plants oceans rivers streams and lands of your planet. As we and the Pleiadians have expressed many times, your planet will eventually become an intergalactic society and will come out of quarantine. The temporary quarantine placed upon your planet by the All That Is, was necessary so that the darkness could not spread further from your planet. The truth of your history and the ways of the multiverse and universe will be known by all.. there will be nothing in hiding, nothing of the dark and nothing in secret any longer, as unity consciousness sweeps across your lands.

We of the higher dimensions live in total unity consciousness at all times… whatever benefits one, benefits all… as one of your consciousness spreaders has often recently said, “Where We Go One, We Go All (WWG1WGA)” … meaning we are all in this together, we are all here to spread truth awareness joy happiness peace prosperity and light. As expressed in an enlightening article:,

it signifies “our collective unity in order to overcome shared foes.”

“Where We Go One, We Go All”, inscription from JFK’s boat, courtesy of Praying Medic on Twitter –

All of us in the higher dimensions care about each other as we know that we are all emanations of Source Creator …we are all in service to The All and to each other spreading love and light amongst us. These principles will eventually be fully embraced by your societies upon earth. This awareness will assist with your rapid transition towards full light encodements in the future, and as your planet transitions from dark to full Light, your future generations will only hear stories of distant times of the dark that once was, but is no longer.

We are rejoicing today as we can see this beautiful vision of your impending future timeline which is so full of peace joy healing happiness abundance and prosperity. We thank you for your service to the light … you are all powerful Creator Beings who come from Source Creator, just as  the beings upon your planet who turned to the dark are also emanations of Source Creator … they have simply turned from the light to the dark … they can easily turn back to the light if they so wish, or they may choose to leave the planet entirely in one way or another, but their power upon the earth simply can exist no longer because your planet is completely and totally bathed in higher frequency light…  so all upon the planet must now resonate with this light… all must come into attunement with it because it can be no other way… it is the most beautiful and prophetic vision which we are transmitting to you now telepathically as you read this… can you see it?

We leave you with this vision for today to meditate upon it and co-create it with others… share it far and wide, and let your heart and mind soak in the soothing and healing benevolent energy which is at your disposal now. To access this higher energy, simply tune into it and feel it … feel this loving healing joyous energy throughout your entire body mind and soul, and spread it to others as you go about your day. Remember always that you’re not separate… that you are all from the One … you are all created in love, and you are meant for love joy happiness peace abundance and prosperity.. this is your birthright as a divine being. Meditate upon this uplifting energy, as it makes your spirit and soul soar, for now and ever more.

We await the beautiful and eloquent enfoldment of planetary love light joy and happiness that you’re coming into as a galactic society now. Remember that we are here always to assist in your planetary ascension into the higher dimensions.

With ever increasing joy, happiness, and gratitude for your participation in creating a more benevolent future for your planet, and for your embracing of the light now and always. All are welcome in this most loving energy which sweeps across your lands now.

We are,

The Council of Angels and the Pleiadians,


Archangel Michael

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Zadkiel

and Archangel Gabriel




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