Mass Hypnosis of Democrat Activists? The Video Organizers Hope You Never See [video] ~ October 18, 2018

This is surprising yet not so surprising footage, since I have noted that the zombified dimms’ armies are like programmed automatons rather than Humans.

It appears in this video like they are being programmed or hypnotized, and it is also reminiscent of the chanting in the classroom where Bush Jr. sat during the 9/11 attacks with the repetition involved.

These whack-jobs are literally weaponizing people, as I have said. When triggered, they won’t even know what they’re doing; just performing a task, whether pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court or physically attacking those wearing a Trump or Q shirt.

People who don’t believe activists would hurt them need to be aware of this. Anything could happen, and we should be very wary in crowds and political gatherings. Protestors could suddenly snap into action and strike without warning.

This video may be evidence of the programming, and I doubt if it’s a one-off. People never used to behave this way. The dark has pulled all the stops in the end game. They plan to crush the opposition through any means necessary.

Outside of this political activity, the dark also has “sleepers” embedded in society that they can activate at any time.

James Holmes, Batman Theater Massacre: mind control victim

Whether school shootings, bombs or knife attacks—the real weapon is the one performing the task. In essence, they are no longer Human. They have no empathy, compassion, sense of right or wrong, the law… no thought of their own. Their Humanity has been stripped from them through drugs and mind control.

Whether they are arrested or killed or lose their jobs is of no consequence to the controllers. They’re psychopaths themselves and the only thing that matters is retaining control at any cost.

We know the globalists are masters at mind control and programming Humans. Hollywood is full of programmed “entertainers” where the programmed are doing the programming via television sets. We’re all programmed and most don’t even realize it.

Thanks to Mike Adams and Freedom Outpost for sharing this important leaked video.  ~ BP

Do Humans do this? Programmed puppets do.

Mass Hypnosis Of Democrat Activists? The Video Organizers Hope You Never See

Could it be mass hypnosis?  MK Ultra?  Or are they merely lemmings looking for their 15 minutes of fame?

If you wonder why many of the Democrat activists seen on the street appear as mindless zombies, it seems that now we have the reason.  Could it be mass hypnosis?  MK Ultra?  Or are they merely lemmings looking for their 15 minutes of fame?  A video shows how Democrat leaders seem to be turning these young people into nothing but mindless drones.

In the video you hear the following:

Organizer: “In 30 minutes…”

Left-wing crowd: “In 30 minutes…”

Organizer: “Meet me to the left.”

Left-wing crowd: “Meet me to the left.”

Organizer: “If you would like to go to an office…”

Left-wing crowd: “If you would like to go to an office…”

Organizer: “To spend time…”

Left-wing crowd: “To spend time…”

Organizer: “With your Senator…”

Left-wing crowd: “With your Senator…”

Organizer: “…go to that office.”

Left-wing crowd: “…go to that office.”

It certainly appears that there is much more going on here than simply instructing activists on how to do something. Otherwise, why the repetition?

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