Late Headlines and Updates for October 16, 2018: YouTube Global Outage! [videos] ~ October 16, 2018

I was previewing this post before publication and all the videos I used gave me a 500 Internal Server Error message. As I replied to a comment from a reader a new headline from RT came in saying “YouTube users report service down worldwide”. Unbelievable.

So… below is my late post due to an Internet interruption this afternoon. If the videos come back online great. If not, sorry. It’s out of my control. This is war in the information age.

RT reports…

YouTube videos began returning errors around 9pm EST. The site infrastructure still loads, but the videos themselves do not play and are replaced by error messages imploring users to “please try again later.”

Twitter and Facebook erupted with traffic as users tried to figure out what was going on, but no one seems to have solved the mystery yet. Deprived of their ability to watch video clips, people did their best with with GIFs.


Here’s your Big Picture overview of some of the things we’re watching today as the deep state and their globalist agenda is dismantled. 

The Starship crew reports that in addition to the AT&T and Verizon outages reported October 15, Sprint customers were affected in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the midwest, and my Internet was down AGAIN for a while this afternoon. I think that’s the 4th week in a row we have lost our phone and/or Internet service.

The Sprint interruptions were blamed on the “storms”, but there are storms all over the planet at any given time and the phones don’t go out. Do you suppose it might be related to what’s going on upstairs with the satellites, and the ops in low Earth orbit? 

California was forced to endure more power outages and Texas has now been hit with more severe flooding. Hang in there everyone.  ~ BP

Q is still dark but updates can be found here, when available.

This just in…

Robert Steele: Did Zionists Execute King Salman and MBS and Set the Khashoggi Killing Up?

October 16, 2018

I regret I cannot share my source but I have just been informed that both King Salman and MBS were executed back in April, and two pretenders have been leading the US and others on.

With all due regard for Mike Pompeo, I suspect he has no idea who he met with.

I do not have any more information but my source strongly suspects that this was a Zionist-led coup and that the Zionists may have set the Khashoggi killing up to help the US loot the Saudi wealth now on deposit in the USA and score some major points with President Trump to stave off denuclearization.

I have no direct knowledge.  Thought this was worthy of sharing.



RT reported earlier that Turkish officials found that some things had been painted over where they were looking for evidence of the death of Khashoggi.

Is this really all a ploy to instigate war?

Police found evidence in Saudi consulate that Khashoggi was killed there – Turkish official to AP

It gets worse… I’m not cut out for this stuff. Prepare the holodeck. I need some R&R.

Forensics expert ‘cut to pieces’ Saudi journalist’s body as colleagues listened to music – sources

Is it my imagination or is the FBI doing their job better now that some of the biggest, evil entities at the top have been removed?

If Cruz spent less time criticizing President Trump she might have been able to bring adequate relief to her own people in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. When I heard hundreds of pallets of bottled water sat on the tarmac at an airport to rot in the sun that could have been distributed to the desperate folks of the island I was livid.

This woman needs to be removed from society. Puerto Rico is a skip and a jump to GTMO, honey.

Anti-Trump Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Raided By The FBI

It was only a matter of time. Angela Merkel not doing well in the polls as a result of the election in Bavaria, in particular.


Gary Franchi at the Next News Network expands on the fact that the American judicial system is under renovation. The old, corrupt, good-old-boy, unconstitutional Law of the Sea/Admiralty Law and statute system is going bye-bye. America is going back to the original Law of the Land/Common Law. (And get those fringes off the flags, please.)

Can it get any more grotesque? Apparently it can. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, we get a story like this.  Good job of covering this, Chris, and noting the discrepancies in various accounts.

The culprit said he was saving the bodies until the families could afford to dispose of the remains appropriately—by stuffing them in the ceiling?

11 Baby Corpses Found in Ceiling of Detroit Funeral Home

The latest Project Veritas hidden camera interview from the friendly constituency of Claire McCaskill.

“People just can’t know that.” McCaskill Hides Agenda from Voters, “semi-automatic rifle ban”

and, this just uploaded… McCaskill response

More theatre?  Jim Jordan is reporting that President Trump will need a new Attorney General. They are suggesting Sessions is toast.

David Zublick brings us new evidence in the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This has been a contentious issue, with much disinfo and dark intent around it. Was it really 2/5 years ago. It seems like last year.

Shocking New Evidence In Scalia Death – Part One

David Zublick Channel
Published on Oct 16, 2018

Over 2 ½ years after the untimely and mysterious death of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, President Donald Trump has just learned of new revelations that have come to light about the day he died. Was it just a hunting trip? Who else was at this ranch on that fateful weekend? Why was the cause of death pronounced over the phone? Why was there no autopsy on the body? Was it murder? If so, who did it and why? How did a secret society figure in to what may well be the crime of the century, and why was it covered up by the main stream media? And what is the horrible secret Scalia took to his grave? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in part one of this special report!

Please visit our other channels to see part two of this two part investigative report. It’s the part YouTube doesn’t want you to know!…,,…

 Part 2 is here…

Dave brings us the usual highly relevant and insightful X22 report…

The headlines and updates could go on all night but I’m cutting it short here.  ~ BP

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