Speaking of Censorship, here on 10-11-18, “Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Pages, Accounts for Spreading Fake News” (and don’t forget those “Alternative Health Pages”) ~ October 12, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes…the beat goes on the the corrupt social media giants to censor those who spread alternative ideas for health and thought. Please know that alternative media IS your best source for “real” truth these days. If you follow my blog, you know I like the reporting style of Starship Earth, and post her reports regularly on my won blog.

The fact of the matter is find the information source that serves you the best, stay away from MSM for accurate reporting of events on our world, and…



This is definitely relevant to the last post (about the “Google Good Censor” document). I’ve not too much time here, but I’m posting links and snippets from two articles, and a Jordan Sather video about this that goes into more details about this. A Heavy.com article has a list of some of the sites deleted.

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Pages, Accounts for Spreading Fake News (10-11-18)

“Facebook announced Thursday that it had deleted over 800 mostly U.S.-based pages and accounts that were posting politically oriented spam and engaging in “inauthentic behavior.”… 559 pages and 251 accounts [were deleted]. Nation in Distress, a pro-President Donald Trump page… had over 3 million followers.

“In the past, Facebook has purged dozens of pages spreading fake news originating from Iran and Russia, countries that have antagonistic relations with the U.S. The company says most of the pages and accounts banned this time were from the U.S.”

Facebook deletes alternative health pages as the war on fake news escalates (8-24-18)

“Facebook has deleted dozens of pages dedicated to fringe or holistic medicine in an apparent crackdown on pseudoscience. The Global Freedom Movement, an alternative media site, reported that the social platform purged over 80 accounts and that “no reason was provided.

“This includes rather large accounts focused on health, natural remedies, and organic living, such as Just Natural Medicine (1 million followers), Natural Cures Not Medicine (2.3 million followers), and People’s Awakening (3.6 million followers). Small accounts with under 15,000 followers were also hit.

““I think they’re targeting all independent media pages,” says [Jake] Passi, referencing that CNN and NBC alums now work for Facebook. “[They’re] tasked with ‘revitalizing journalism’ on the platform and weeding out ‘misinformation.’””


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