New Moon in Libra – An Invitation to Start Over ~ October 8, 2018

By Colette Baron-Reid

Human beings once looked at time in a more natural way. We looked to the moon and stars in the sky to reflect the cycles of life in our environment and to help us determine our place in the seasons of our life. The moon was and still is our great illuminator, the soft focus that could show us the way in the dark. We planted and harvested crops according to lunar cycles and this is still symbolic of how we can plant our sweetest intentions in our Field of Dreams when the moon is dark and open to receive, and pull out the weeds with wild abandon when the moon shines full and can show us what we need to release for our highest good.

This week we’re visited by the New Moon in the sign of Libra and there is a distinct cosmic nudge and invitation by this relationship focused moon to plant the seeds of harmony, gratitude, and goodwill even towards those you may have resented. That’s right the New Moon in Libra really is an invitation to start over, to open your heart even if it’s been bruised and celebrate that Love is the answer right now.

It’s so interesting when I look back I always felt that October was the cozy month to fall in love!  Ok, I will admit I kissed a lot of frogs before my husband. Maybe I thought October meant they would turn into a magical prince. HA!  It never dawned on me it was because the astro-influence was Libra – the sign ruled by Venus and centered around partnerships. But I slightly digress!

In setting intentions it’s also important to note that this new moon offers all of us a new beginning to bring a more graceful approach to relationships with others. This means all others, not just romantic partnerships. If we have been addicted to approval from others, fearful of confrontation, or seeking harmony to dispel anxiety and fear rather than find a true solution, we have already seen how this disempowers everyone in the dynamic.

Wow, do I ever identify with that one. I have worked hard to say I am a recovered people pleaser! You? Actually, I notice this a lot with healer types and women who have suffered trauma and lost their ability to manage boundaries. I certainly have seen myself fall on my face to help someone at my expense. It’s so important to become aware of and manage motives too.

Right now we are working on building our Oracle Circle membership site and I am going to be doing a reading on a New and Full moon every month and showing members how the lunar cycles are built into our natural intuitive systems. It’s amazing when you see how we’re affected by the moon and its astrological influence no matter what sign we are. It’s all about emotional progress, healing and maturity and the New moon ushers in a whole month where the overarching themes are about healing relationships and building healthier ones. That can be difficult when your nervous system is so overloaded with information you’re in a constant stress state. But we must engage in this positive change regardless. Even if we stumble in the dark, and Love scatters Love seeds everywhere as we trip it’s still good. It’s also an invitation to go within and intend to have a healed and loving experience with yourself which requires one to use the shitty feelings and resentments as rich fertilizer for that Field of Dreams. Nothing needs to go waste once awareness is alive. All resentments are the manure we can use!

Now is the time to bring something positive and loving to the world.

So In a nutshell, this New Moon invites us first to intend the grace of self-healing, self-awareness of the ways in which we’ve survived by trying to manipulate the world to stay safe. Then we can set an intention to be that person who can be in a relationship without fear, and without sacrificing oneself for peace. That can be achieved where there is a win-win for all. I am game, are you?

What I find most helpful is doing a New Moon reading to help me understand what I need to do, change, and commit to setting my intentions in motion.

Since this New Moon is in Libra, here is a specific New Moon spread for the theme of relationships.

Card 1- What do I need to do in order to achieve true harmony in my relationships?

Card 2- What do I need to change in myself in order to maintain a healthy sense of self when engaging with others?

Card 3- What am I in denial about when considering my relationships with others?

Card 4- What can I do to course correct for the highest good of all.

Card 5- In order to see my intention for an empowered way to be with others come to life what do I need to focus on for the highest good?

I suggest you use my Wisdom of the Oracle Cards and check both the essential meaning and Relationship section of the guidebook. My latest deck, Spirit Animal, is also a good Oracle to work with on a New Moon, although you can do this with any of your favorite decks.

Just want to say how grateful I am for you. I know you could be reading a ton of other people’s blogs and it means a lot that you’re here! Tell me what are you grateful for this month as we step into a time of starting over? What would your intentions be?

I’m so excited to start Oracle School in this beautiful cycle too- we have new students from 35 countries! I am so so grateful.

Happy New Moon everyone!

Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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