#RVRESET: SURPRISE! THE GOLDEN RULE: Resist the BEAST! ~ October 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: Mmm…how do you feel about a financial reset? An RV occurring? Debt relief? While I do agree that the notion of a financial windfall occurring is  probably a way for the cabal to ultimately grab the cash in some way and run…I do feel that humanity will receive some type of financial relief once “real” spiritual relief is seen in the general public.

The time for this? I don’t know, and frankly…do not care. Why don’t I care? Because I KNOW the best will happen for humanity…that is my faith in spirituality speaking. I AM not speaking Kumbayah here, but rather faith in the process of LOVE which many “do not understand”. I AM not stupid, but know that LOVE has a way of working for the best!

Please read this post, and…



10/5: As soon as 10/10 the Reset could commence. However, we want a WWG1WGA RESET, not a smash and grab Luciferian MARK.

Let’s hang together, united, and let the treasonous criminals h_ng separately. #STAYGOLD https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/go…

This description of the RV rings true to me. It is the account given by Lucid Dreamer. The currencies in the RV are ill gotten. It is a scam created to fund the Cabal during their escape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhMIQ… Thank You to every viewer who supports You Are Free TV!! WE ARE FREE!!


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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