Monthly Numerology Report~October 2018 ~ October 6, 2018

By Archeia Aurora

This year we are in a global master year of 11 (2+0+1+8), which also carries the 2 energies. 11 is a magical number that represents miracles, manifestation, and becoming masters. The energies of this year have been extremely intense, forcing us to master our emotions and our thoughts so that we can create the greatest version of ourselves and our lives. The 2 energy represents union, partnerships, and unity. We are moving into the new paradigm of love everywhere present and 2018 has been a year of intense tests and lessons to get us to the point of divinity. As the month of October carries the energies of the 1 (1+0), we are starting over this month. This is the beginning of the greatest time to be alive. 

Depending on what your personal year number is, the month of October will hold different energies for each of us. To determine your personal year number add your month of birth, plus your date of birth, plus the year 2018. Example: January 7th =(1+7+2018). 

Personal Year 1~Personal Month 2 

If you are in your “1” year, then October is a personal 2 month for you. The energies of the 1 and the 2 intermix for you, asking you to begin asking others for assistance. The personal 1 year invites deep transformation and fosters independence and risk-taking. However, we cannot do it all by ourselves and the 2 energy wants us to learn to co-create with others. Dissolve all feelings of competition or superiority. We all have something to offer one another and working in unity and partnership will be the keys. 

The 2 energy can also sometimes carry the feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and loneliness. This is why it is essential to connect with those who share your vibration and consciousness level and help one another to expand. This is a personal journey but we are all one and there is so much to learn from others mirroring back to us. 

Personal Year 2~Personal Month 3 

For those of us in our personal 2 year, October holds the energies of the 3. The 3 is creative, brilliant, fun-loving and free. It values genuineness and understands the bigger perspective. We have been healing internally through much of this personal 2 year, addressing all of the trauma and the wounds we have accumulated. 

The 3 energy will help us to realize that we should not take everything so seriously. We are limitless and infinite. As we come to this realization, the small problems and struggles we face suddenly seem so irrelevant. 

It is essential that we find our joy again this month and what we are passionate about. This passion is our truth and must be shared courageously and bravely. Our words are important now, and we should mean what we say and say what we mean. This month we discover the magic again of who we truly are. 

Personal Year 3~Personal Month 4 

This year you have focused on what you love and enjoying the freedom of that. However, there were many uncertainties which may have led you down the path of fear or worry. This month will carry the 4 energies for you which are asking you to buckle down and get to work. 

The 4 wants you to succeed and will teach you every lesson you need to get there. It is time to simplify your life, create calm within the chaos. Determine what your goals are and don’t stop until you reach them. This is a great month of filtering out what no longer serves you. 

This month you will face all your fears of rejection and failing. You have had your fun but may have gotten lost in your purpose. You will find it this month, no matter what the odds. Determination and perseverance will be key. 

Personal Year 4~Personal Month 5

This year you have been in grind mode, tackling challenge after challenge, which has made you stronger and self-reliant. You have been working tirelessly towards making progress for your goals but may have felt restricted by others around you or circumstances. 

October will be your 5 month and there are rapid changes in store. 5 is an unpredictable energy that is full of surprises, twists and turns. This may be a shock to your system as you have been in somewhat of a stalemate energy, however, this is the change you have been long hoping for. 

Use the energies of the 5 to seize new opportunities and step outside of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to push the limits or the boundaries. If you have been struggling with negative emotions or thoughts, now is the time to dissolve them, as you will be manifesting pure magic and unexpected events. 

Personal Year 5~Personal Month 6 

This year you have experienced so much change, both exciting and challenging. You may have felt like you didn’t know which way was up most of the time. There was likely one particular area of your life which took over all your attention, but now you must tend the neglected areas. 

The energy of the 6 month will put a focus on relationships, family members, neighbors and friends. The focus will turn from yourself to others now and your focus will shift to service to others. 

The 5 year brought lots of up and downs especially in your love life, and this month will require to focus on only whats real and pure love. This will become apparent through certain experiences as to who deserves your attention this month, as there will only be so much to go around. Be careful though of neglecting yourself. Self-love is just as important as love for others. 

Personal Year 6~Personal Month 7 

This year your focus has been on others and how you can help them and serve them. This may have left you feeling drained and exhausted. This month, the 7 energies are calling for personal time and introspection. 

You will experience some confusion or feelings of being lost without a direction. Now is the time to do internal healing work and discover your path and your purpose. This can only be done through integrating your higher essence and truly focusing on your own soul growth and development. 

Any feelings of doubt, depression or anxiety will need to be dealt with. Be strong in drawing energetic boundaries as others will attempt to continue draining your life energy in order to sustain themselves. This is a month of self-discovery and consciousness expansion for you. 

Personal Year 7~Personal Month 8 

This year has been a long internal journey for you of gaining wisdom and insight into your path. You have gained a lot of knowledge and have begun imagining your goals, and now it is time to manifest them. The powerful energy of the 8 in October will begin bringing to you the fruits of your patience and soul work. 

The 8 represents earthly goals and physical manifestations. Now is the time to start putting your new found wisdom into action and creating the greatest grandest version of your life. 

The focus this month will likely be on abundance and finding an occupation that resonates with your soul. The 3D paradigm is fading away and only intention and action that is in love will remain. Serve love in all your moments and you will begin to see your dreams come to life. 

Personal Year 8~Personal Month 8 

This year you have been on a roller coaster ride of creating success for yourself through your ambition and passion, but have you sacrificed that for emotional well being? This month carries the 9 energies for you, full of compassion, love for all, and endings/beginnings. 

You have likely enjoyed the fruits of your labor this year, but your drive for more may have caused you to bypass the simplicity of life. This month there will be endings as things that no longer serve you will be coming to a close. This will be a test in attachment, as you let go of all that leaves you now. 

This month, focus on emotional healing and compassion for others. The 9 brings a sense of ultimate fulfillment and completion. Your life has now become everything you have worked so hard for, but now the focus is on your spiritual and emotional journey to being pure and whole. It can’t be all work and no play, as play is pure love. 

Personal 9 Year~Personal 1 Month 

This year has been an emotional year for you of endings and letting go. You have had to release all the pain of the past and everything that was still lingering within. This year was a year of sensitivity and growth, which may have left you feeling uncertain of yourself and cautious of moving forward. 

This month, the energy of the 1 will be motivating you to snap out of the loop of pain and suffering and moving into independence, freedom, and co-creation of a new life. This is truly the beginning of all for you. 

There may be uncomfortable energy for you this month, as you feel like you have one foot in the past and one in the future, but the key will be to be in the present moment of now, for that is all that exists. Rediscover who you are without all of the pain and let the excitement of the new fill you. 



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