Venus Retrograde, October 2018 ~ Sexual Tension ~ October 4, 2018

By Astrology King 

Venus retrograde 2018 starts on October 5 at 10° Scorpio and ends on November 16 at 25° Libra. Venus retrograde brings six weeks of increased passions you can channel in many ways. Of course Venus rules love so relationships will be a major focus for many. But the aspects and fixed stars involved are ideal for artistic and creative work.

The main influence on Venus stationary retrograde is a tense square aspect to Mars. Increasing sexual tension could turn to anger, lack of self-control and impulsiveness. Interestingly, Venus retrograde 2018 is on the same degree as the Ascendant of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein. Before more detail about Venus retrograde 2018 you can read what it means to have Venus retrograde in your natal chart then the general meaning of Venus retrograde in transit.

Natal Venus Retrograde

Natal Venus retrograde means you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. You may experience sadness in love or have to endure hardship or delay. Lack of self-love, social anxiety, shyness and even financial hardship are associated with Venus retrograde in your birth chart.

Often these challenges are a result of past life relationship issues. Due to the laws of karma, if you caused suffering or hardship to a lover in an earlier life, you shall experience something similar yourself during this life. Venus retrograde acts like Mars so perhaps you hurt someone you loved. Maybe you had an affair, walked out when they needed you most, or physically injured them.

Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt. Especially when young, there can be a repeating theme of challenging events related to your past.

Sadness and disappointment may come from unrequited love, forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness or physical disability. Learning to love yourself is critical in working through your Venus in retrograde issues. Other signs of natal Venus retrograde are poor personal hygiene and not caring about how you look.

Self love can start with beautifying your physical appearance. Using fashion, cosmetics and beauty treatments can greatly improve your self-love, therefore making you more lovable. However, natal Venus retrograde can also show as excessive use of makeup and jewelry or even disfigurement from cosmetic surgery.

The aim of Venus retrograde in your natal chart is to perfect those areas of your love life which once let you down. As your relationship skills improve with experience, your karmic debt will be repaid and you start to enjoy more loving relationships.

Venus Retrograde Transit

Transiting Venus retrograde occurs once every 19 months for a total of six weeks (42 days). This means Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time, the least amount of any planet. The next closest is Mars retrograde at 9% then Mercury retrograde at 19%. Therefore, Venus retrograde is the most strongly felt of all retrograde planets.

During Venus in retrograde your love life enters a fated period. Giving and receiving love and affection becomes more difficult. Old friends or lovers may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

Venus retrograde in transit is a time of introspection and reassessment. You will likely become interested in someone or something of value that would bring you pleasure. Destiny encounters are possible and you may actually come into contact with your soul mate. If so, you should experience a feeling of inevitability or familiarity. However, it is better to wait until Venus turns direct to make your move.

Use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Think about what really brings you pleasure. Find the reasons for problems in earlier or current relationships. This is where old lovers reappearing can help you clear away the past to make room for new relationships. Even reminiscing about old partners will help to remove your karmic baggage and lighten the load.

Venus Retrograde 2018

There are three distinct phases to Venus retrograde 2018. Before Venus stations retrograde it moves through the retrograde zone, also called the shadow zone. The second phase is when Venus moves in retrograde motion. The last phase is when Venus moves through the retrograde zone again after stationing direct.

Phase 1: Venus in the Retrograde Zone

Venus enters the shadow zone on 2 September 2018 at 25°14′ Libra. From now until Venus stationary retrograde is the first shadow period. During this phase you will get an idea of the love and money issues that will be of concern during the retrograde phase. [See Chart]

Phase 2: Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus stations retrograde on 5 October 2018 at 10°50′ Scorpio on a lovely fixed star which is favorable for love affairs. Venus trine Neptune is a friendly and romantic influence but the strongest influence on Venus retrograde 2018 is Venus square Mars. This is a very challenging aspect so it is best to understand it before looking at the easy influences.

Venus square Mars increases your sex drive but can cause relationship difficulties, especially if there is already some underlying sexual or competitive tension. Yet in a healthy relationship, where both partners have equally strong egos, you may enjoy more exhilarating sexual activity. If single, your increased sexual desire will match your more attractive aura. However, if dating, you should take care not to lower your standards or put yourself at risk because of your impatient lust. Affairs are more likely during Venus retrograde 2018 but not necessarily of a lasting nature.

So in a good relationship you express your love through sex. But in a difficult relationship you are more likely to express hate because of a buildup of sexual frustration. This is probably not the best time to work out the underlying causes of relationship tension because the need for sexual satisfaction is so primal it overrides all else. Compromise will help avoid hostility, but a tendency to agree to anything just to get your way could lead to loss and regret.

Venus square Mars also brings anger, lack of self-control and impulsiveness to Venus retrograde 2018. So if you are already an impatient or aggressive person, try not to lose your temper if you face rejection. There are other ways to safely express your frustrations. Try to release physical tension in productive ways through sport, exercise or masturbation. You could also channel this energy into creative work like sculpture or dance.

Venus trine Neptune has a romantic, relaxing and dreamy influence which will tone down the raw and impulsive nature of Venus square Mars. You should feel more compassionate and willing to help others. So your love life will benefit from increased tenderness. Wanting to connect at the spiritual level will also moderate the overly sexual nature of Venus retrograde 2018 to favor more tender or tantric sex.

This creative, friendly and beautifying influence lowers the risk of losing your temper and of taking risks just to get laid. Along with the creative outlets mentioned for Venus retrograde 2018 square Mars, this aspect is good for her watching movies, entertaining visitors and beautifying your surroundings. It especially favors singing but anything creative can lead to something beautiful.

Venus Retrograde 2018 Stars

Fixed star Alphecca at 12°32′ Scorpio conjunct Venus retrograde 2018 is favorable for love affairs. It bring benefits from friends and gives artistic and musical taste. In general, this star in the Northern Crown gives honor, dignity and poetical and artistic ability. [1] But on the Ascendant as it is for Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein it gives a life spent in a variety of pleasurable pursuits, loves adornments, secretly engaged in love affairs or adultery.

Fixed star Acrux at 12°07′ Scorpio gives another spiritual influence to Venus retrograde 2018. This star in the Southern Cross gives ceremony, justice, magic and mystery, and is often prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists. [1]

Phase 3: Venus Direct

Venus stations direct on 16 November 2018 at 25°14′ Libra opposite Uranus but on the two most fortunate fixed stars used in astrology. Again it is important to understand the challenges of the difficult aspect before seeking answers in the helpful stars.

Venus opposite Uranus (4°23′) usually signals a change in your love life. If you already have a partner, then an unexpected event may cause a lot of upset tension. Perhaps your partner rejects your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom. Even flirting may lead to some drama in the relationship. A healthy relationships would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation would be unlikely. An affair at this time would more likely lead to a rapid separation.

If dating, a new romance now would certainly be exciting. It is most likely, however, that it would be a short-lived relationship. But if you are the unorthodox type and need your freedom, a new relationship with a similar person could even lead to marriage. As Uranus rules the internet, you could fulfill your need for a change through internet dating or other stuff.

Whatever your situation, if love is not an option then change and excitement can manifest in another area of life. Financial windfalls are possible but take extra care with your money. Beware of a tendency to risk it all on suspect schemes or gamble it all away. You could easily find stimulation some other way such as gaming or another form of entertainment.

Venus Direct Stars

Fixed star Arcturus at 24°29′ Libra conjunct Venus brings popularity, gifts and favors from friends, but some false friends of your own sex. In general, the brightest star in Boötes Constellation gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages. [1]

Fixed star Spica at 24°05′ Libra conjunct Venus similarly bring benefits from friends, social success and false friends of own sex. In general, the brightest star in Virgo Constellation gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence. [1]

Venus leaves the shadow zone on 17 December 2018 at 10°50′ Scorpio. The third and last phase of Venus retrograde 2018 is now complete. [See Chart]

If Venus retrograde affects you directly see your monthly horoscope. For more details on how Venus retrograde 2018 aspects your birth chart, see Venus Transits.

Venus Retrograde Dates

  • 2017, March 4 to April 15 —27° Pisces to 13° Aries
  • 2018, October 5 to November 16 — 25° Libra to 11° Scorpio
  • 2020, May 13 to June 25 — 21° Gemini to 5° Gemini




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