Kerri Ann Sanders – Global Plasma Event To Begin October 6-17, 2018 ~ September 23, 2018

Another post by Dimensional Maven, please read, watch the video, and…



editor’s note:  some of this is confirming the dream as experienced by a person in this household (the date that is – oct 6th – in the dream it was a home football game – the next one is 10/6).  below the video is a great description/insight into what is coming, the telecommunication devices that were seen here, the old grid and the new grid and other interesting tidbits…..i say remain observant and welcome in the experience. interesting that this huge blast of energy incoming from the double star system V745 Sco, (nemesis maturity spoke of it in a recent video) – that allegedly blasted off in 2014 – is due to arrive, well, no one is saying – at least i haven’t been able to find an ETA.  the color of this mass?  purple.  the skies were all purple…..i feel we may be getting the pieces of the puzzle (for those seeking)….

We all know to take event dates with a grain of salt.. and i think why is bc we are wanting all the collective timelines to be on board and therefore able to timeline-merge at the moment of the Event. This is why i feel it has been hard for us to predict dates in general.

Earlier this year, i saw the Event from a timeline perspective… and i could see that there were certain months that were more likely to have the Event (and then i got confirmed of this, by coming accross an article that said very* similar months as i did).. they were/ are:

– january
– march
– april
– june
(These ^^ months have passed)

– september
– october
– nov
– dec

Kerri says in the vid that her guides specifically gave her the dates of oct 6-17… i started to feel recently that it just might be impossible to get a specific* date for the Event, just cuz of all the timelines i saw in my vision, it made things look quite shifty and unpredictable. However, maybe* as we get close to the Event, it is possible to know the exact date(s).

If oct 6-17 is correct, we will at least be prepared! Im going to keep it in mind just for prep’s sake.

Kerri sees it as plasma coming to earth that triggers the Event. I do know that the false grid, is primarily upheld by a negative type of plasma. The false grid will have to be completely re-done at the moment of the Event, and ive heard it will take 2 weeks or less to re-do this plasma-based grid, which holds together the (fraudulent) banking systems, news systems, the wifi, the tv signals… it is a complex web of systems that clouds not only our awareness but attempts to suck our energy thru money/ media. This is all held together primarily thru a negative plasma technology used by cabal and co. Which is why it makes *perfect* sense to me that the Event would include plasma as one of the key ‘components’ to the Event.

As this old plasma grid will be down, we will no longer use cell phones. Instead, we will be given devices (at the moment of the Event!) that are way more advanced than our current phones/ tech… they will look similar to cell phones but they will be used in magical ways such as via telepathy and mental intent. We will be using these devices starting at the onset of the Event, to help us navigate life-after-the-event. This is what i saw in a dream, and i know of 2 other people who dreamed the same thing about our post-event technology that we will be using 🍒🍒🍒🦄


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