Conscious “knowing” of the Event ~ September 23, 2018

Editor’s Note: Thanks P for introducing me to another welcome spiritual point of view! The article below is an shining example of those who ARE spiritually aware on our world, and more than ready for “The Event”.

Even though I sit and know and feel my truth in my heart, I AM rather isolated here in the Columbia Gorge which is why reading this evidence of more folks understanding and knowing their spiritual truth is utterly delightful for me!

So…it please me immensely to post this article. Do know that spiritual truth if coming fast for Planet Earth, and I AM delighted!



In my last post i talked about how those of us who are in conscious* knowing* of the Event (and now i add to that, non-resistance to the Event as a Full Change in Reality)… WE are exactly carrying a very important planetary j-o-b… of being the holders of this knowing. This** helps the Event, and the Planet, more than we can understand right now. I get these waves of knowing, of, this, from time to time, and a lot* this past weekend.

Remember all those days/ nights, where we “integrated” the Event within ourselves??? All those days, and still continuing, that we in-took the info that we could find, on the Event..? We grappled with it, tried to understand it, questioned it, questioned our sanity, wondered why there were other spiritual folk who would not receive it like we did, or only partly received it by saying that it’s only a vibrarional change, not a physical one, etc etc… we saw tons of arguments in comments sections at videos on the Event, lol… we also saw some arguments or rudeness in Event groups… of people lashing out bc they were feeling disempowered and decided to act negatively (not me!)… we also saw lots of good interactions too… but… all this trauma* i feel ive been thru, lolol, and im not saying its funny, but just saying it has been quite the journey for our tender, brave hearts, right??? This has been the proccess of integration of the Event within us. And of course the positive, authentic, ones of us who took to discussing, respectfully venting our frustrations, and trying to understand things together, in a group setting.. in an authentic, open way… we did so much work together on in-taking and dare i say Embodying*** energetically***, the Event..!

So yes this integration of the Event just deepens, naturally, for us. My understanding of the Event/ New Earth, has grown and evolved. THIS is why our j-o-b-s are SO important. Bc as we **allow** the Event info to expand within us, we are allowing the Event to carry out as best*** as possible, when it does happen. What i mean by this, is, i made a post before in the event group about how complex*** the factors of the Old Matrix are/ were. This*** is the reason for delays, confusion on dates, etc… adding a sense of hopelessness.. im no stranger to that… BUT we are transgressing these old matrix complexities (aka Event “hinderers”) to allow for something as grand and as opposite of the old matrix, to occur. In other words, the fact that the old matrix has had so much density* in many* forms (complexity)… is what stops Source from just pressing the “go” button… Source wants this to be well-digested, not* end up in utter catastrophe since ppl are still unaware of the Event (and so would be a catastrophic changeover nc of high levels of fear). So enter us, the conscious holders/ birthers, of the Event… the more we feel we are comfortable with the Event and the more we understand it (which isnt always easy bc we are talking about something that our human eyes have never seen before)…. us doing this… helps Source press the GO button sooner. Bc the more of us that have integrated the Event, the less likely for fear to erupt at the moment of the Event. The ones of us who have come to know the Event very well, are going to be like Pillars of Energy, holding safety and ease for the planet. Just by us existing! We dont have to do anything. Except maybe just reassure ones we come accross. They will be calmed, just by seeing our Presence. This is why we continue to Embody more awareness and understanding of the Event.. bc it helps the planet have a smoother Event, the more we have a fluidity within us about the Event. Shall i call this “Event Fluidity”… hehehe… We sure do have Event Fluidity at this point, right?! 😉😉😉

So yes we have done a massive job in integrating the Event within us, which just helps the Event in its entirety*** when it happens. And we continue*** to integrate it, very naturally, i find for myself. This*** is why we go thru periods of connection** then disconnection** when it comes to the Event. This is us, integrating***. When we feel disconnected and anxious/ etc about the Event, that is bc we are separating from an older** understanding of the Event and coming into a newer** understanding of the Event. This is exactly** what ive noticed for myself.

So we can look back on all our Cycles*** with the Event. Feeling connected to it then not, feeling doubtful then very assured, feeling fears arise as we shed 3d attachments in order to accept** the Event more and more in our body-minds-spirits. (Which btw, ive had to not only let go of certain 3d attachments to accept the Event, i had to undergo much spiritual and multi-d re-coursing, within myself, to accept the Event more fully— like a rewiring of my spiritual and multi-d connectivity)….

Yep, these Cycles***.. it was and IS, all meaningful and all intentional at our intelligent soul-level. It is orchestrated with knowing and intelligence of the Event at our upper, expanded, levels of Self ! It all jas gone, the way it was meant to go, and it will continue to go in a meanigful, orchestrated way. I am so glad that i see others trekking this Event “path” too. If no one else has told you, thank YOU for being a Holder, Embodier, of the Event.. We have done w♡nderfully 🦄🌹🍃🦄🌹🍃🦄🌹


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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