Twin Soul Energy Report ~ 9.9.9 Portal, Ascension Symptoms and September Energies ~ September 9, 2018

By matahariji

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come through now in this hour of your time to offer you some loving guidance regarding the intense energetics many of you are currently experiencing in this upcoming 9.9.9 potent ascension gateway.

Much has been spoken about by various physicists and channels regarding the vast changes that are occurring within the electromagnetic biosphere of Gaia, indeed mother earth is aligning now rapidly with the living heart of galactic central which is activating an even greater intense dispensation of gamma light particles into the atmosphere, and are set to increase in intensity in this next 3 month period…  

These light particles are being received by certain ascension portal stations within the physical body, the main ones at this time being the crown chakra and the thymus gland also known as the higher heart centre. The human vessel in its divine creation was designed with dormant codes which are stored in one’s human DNA and ascension organs such as the pineal, and pituitary gland specifically to be activated by these gamma ray photonic light particles.

You have come very far now beloveds on your journey home back to the present moment, and we come forth to share with you from this point now the integration of these light particles shall ease profusely. The month of August was very much energetically a month of clearing. however the month of September truly is the harvest time where the fruits of all that deep healing and cleansing will be reaped. The energies of September paradoxically along with being paradigm transforming are also actually extremely soothing and nurturing and stabilising. Expect to feel great shifts now beloveds. As a monumental amount of collective shadow energy has been returned and transformed by divine love.

Believe us when we say you are all doing so well, and exceeding all of our expectations in the higher realms with regards to the efficacy and Grace you are displaying as you integrate these potent ascension frequencies.

Breathe deeply beloveds.

Breath in these golden God particles as Golden shimmering powder filling up and infusing your crown chakra, and dispersing throughout your whole physical and energetic system.

If you feel your solar plexus centre is highly activated repeat the word Calm ……..

I am calm …..until you feel an actual shift in the solar plexus centre. This is an extremely potent method of alleviating all anxiety symptoms from your body….

To ease with the ascension symptoms beloveds please remember to walk barefoot on the earth every day…… the benefits of this are far too prolific to share here, suffice to say this is the number one divine assistance tool at your disposal to keep your energy stable and grounded at this time.

Dearest ones, this love story that exist in your higher heart consciousness is by no means random and is far far closer than it seems right now.  the great mystery is beckoning you to step out in your full power now, into the unknown,not knowing what’s around the next corner yet remaining upbeat and positive at every turn.

we love you so much and wish you could comprehend how truly adored you are by Us your guides.

The old illusionary 3D model of relationship deems it somewhat necessary to seek outside of yourself your connection to source, beloveds that is the Royal road away from alignment your twin flame.

Beloveds shine….

shine because you can.

shine because it’s who you are

We understand the pain many of you have been experiencing in these last few weeks and we would like to say that this is all in accordance with the Divine plan as this has been a time of huge clearing of old false energetic templates.

We cannot reiterate enough that everything you seek is within your very own being. if you look outside of yourself, you lose your connection with source energy which inevitably creates an unfillable void.

We love you and we pray this transmission has been deeply received ever reminding you of the great power your higher Godself has always granted you.

Dearest ones We would like to inform you that it is highly desirable for as many starseeds as possible to come forward to add their sacred energy to The 9:9:9 transmission which represents the ending of many huge significant Cycles and is aligned to the incoming photonic light wave set to reach  the earth’s atmosphere around equinox 2018.

The 9:9:9 transmission will also be empowering the important template of conscious sacred sexuality as the dominant relationship template for Gaia.

During this transmission we will be working with 12 high priests and 12 high priestesses from Avalon who will assist us in the reactivation of this God ordained holy template.

We will also be initiating a huge kundalini blessing merge of genuine counterparts.  Many many long prophesied unions are manifesting in this coming year of 2018, and this is why we are being called to activate this kundalini merge ceremony for the current wave of unions that are aligning in this Gateway.

This is a highly auspicious and extremely powerful ceremony to take part in if you are a genuine bonafide twin Soul,and will rapidly accelerate your timeline of full union with your divine counterpart

Enlightenment is easier than you think.

it simply is

in loving service

Jen and the White Wolf Tribe.



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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