Daily Astrology~ September 8th, 2018: The Final Shot ~ September 8, 2018

By Nadia Gilchrist

  • Venus in Libra square Mars in Capricorn (29 deg)
  • Uranus Rx in Taurus trine Pallas in Virgo (2 deg)


Venus and Mars square each other in the last degrees of their respective signs. This suggests relationship, financial or self-esteem issues are about to turn a corner. There’s a crisis between action and attraction – you may push too hard for what you want, or someone may pressure you.

Venus in Libra is light, flirtatious and graceful. Mars in Capricorn is serious and ambitious – maybe too serious for Venus. There’s motivation to get what’s desired (this can indicate some hot but discordant chemistry) but the balance (Libra) will be off. Success may or may not happen. 

Mars is close to the degree where it stationed direct on August 27th (28 deg). So we have the added momentum of another try – you have been over this territory before (Mars Rx activated 29 deg Capricorn on August 12th). Previous delays or reviews may have increased the intensity of your motivation: this is your final shot. 

The situation is about to progress as Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow (September 9th) and Mars enters Aquarius the day after. This could be the final, tense moment before an achievement or ending. If you’re striving for something or someone, know that you cannot control the other person or every detail of the outcome. You want to be the boss here, but the more you exercise your authority, the more unbalanced the situation will become. Give it your best but be wary of rigid insistence on having it all your way.  

If you’re the one being pressured, remember that you can always say “No.”


Detailed patterns are given a hint of innovation. Uranus in Taurus’ ongoing changes to a habit or resource can invigorate practical strategies. Watch for a new twist on a solution or routine. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of extra details to an existing pattern – you could open up a whole new design. 

These influences combine stability with change in a very manageable way. 



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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