Cyberwar in Real Time: QAnon Military Intelligence Group Takes Down Microsoft XBox on East Coast After Censorship & Some Q Resources for Newbies ~ September 1, 2018

Editor’s Note: I agree with Starship Earth, things are moving quickly for our freedom. There’s a big chance banks will go down shortly, so it might be a good idea to round up some cash and fill your car with gas. I believe the American Public is safe… but it’s always good to be prepared!



Wow—things are heating up. The patriots are taking NSA servers offline, shooting down spy satellites—and now this. Sometimes I can’t believe this is really happening. It’s really happening. Finally. It’s ON.

The following is from an email someone sent me. It’s taken from Reddit, I think, and I can’t make it any bigger in this blog theme. You may need to save the image and look at it elsewhere in a program where you can blow it up.

Four days ago a group was posting QAnon material in an XBox club “WWG1WGA” and the censorship started. Then the Q team launched into action and took down Microsoft XBox in the red areas on the map, below.

Censorship will be addressed in one way or another.  ~ BP

QAnon is deemed hate speech and violent content by Microsoft. Xbox Club: “WWG1WGA”

Who is Q?

There are a lot of people now tuning in to Q, wondering who Q is, and what all the excitement is about. For those who are just diving in, here are some resources from the Great Awakening board on Reddit where you can watch videos explaining it all.


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