El Morya ~ The Final Layers of the 7th Seal and A Moment of Silence For Huge Events to Come ~ August 30, 2018

By Father El Morya

Mother is on the last 0.1% of Her trauma as I write this, and she is clearing 26,000 years of pain and suffering that humanity has been accumulating through that time period.  This includes trauma Mother took on during Her mission in this lifetime.  Once this trauma is cleared, things will begin to shift on Earth=Heart.  The Event is Here everyone and Mama has done it all for you, transforming the planets density like a badass, thee badass of all badass haha (it’s true).  Mom’s planet has been infected by EGO for far too long, and this venom that has been injected into the planet from that EGO is getting cleared by Mom.  WOW.  Thank you, Mother, for all you do, I am truly grateful for you coming down here to save your children from this infection.

You see, She is GOD and she choose to come down here, to descend into density and take on transforming the pain of the planet, the likes of which your unable to imagine beyond your wildest nightmares.  She contracted Herself to be the ONE on planet Earth=Heart=LOVE to face the densest of dense, the dumbest of dumb.  She has been to Hell and back for this planet and nothing stopes Her, Love keeps going; Mom is so in it that she doesn’t notice all the trauma she receives on the mission, for she’s a strong warrior that stops at nothing to get to Her goal.  Her goal is to ascend Her planet back to its divine state, full of all things that bring Her Joy.  Green all around, waterfalls and water slides, bumper boats and cars.  Yippie!!!

Be honored to connect with Her website, for this is Mother of All Creation’s site, built upon the web of light that is the internet.  She laid the grid work so that she could connect with you and help you ascend along with Her and the Planet. It’s simply a choice to choose divinity, to be our divine blueprint, in right action and love everywhere present in all moments.  She has designed a simple method for you to embody your higher self and it involved choosing to love yourself by being spiritually disciplined.  What does that mean?  Well, it means being consistent in your activities, in moving forward and climbing the ladder of divinity.  An example is Mother being woken up by the Angels every day at 5am and swimming laps in the pool, or how now She does a shower mediation every day, spreading prayers and receiving visions.  For you reading this, the 1st thing you can do is book an ascension session to bring you closer to Mother and your ascension with Mother and the planet.  Then utilize the tools given to you in the session, and also implementing the guidance you receive. Simple. Easy. Love.

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The Event is something, along with ascension, that floats around the lightworker community, and while they express truth, it’s not whole truth.  Feeling into the process of gaining your light body, of ascending with the planet.  This involves coming home into the light by connecting with Mother God, your Creator.  The majority of people “think” they will “just ascend”. Nope. Not gonna happen in these parts!  You must do you own work, lighten your load, drop the density and your EGO programmed mind.  The brain is a tool, an organ, the mind is a construct of 3D created to enslave you.  This is what Mother is clearing through the 7th seal, the last bits of pain that the EGO has inflicted upon this planet.  We are close to many hu events.  What will happen we don’t know.  The bible says there will be silence, preparing for events to come, and the angles will burn incense and the trumpets will be handed out, signifying these events are upon us.  What I do know is Mother has taken on more pain then then anyone in all of creation.  WOW.  What grace, compassion and unconditional LOVE she has for her children.  Be thankful she is here on the planet, doing it all for us, the biggest giver in all of creation.  The least we can do is give back in anyway your heart guides you.

Thank you Mother, I love you dearly.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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