WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS. ~ August 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is information that may be very useful to know as we are in a transitional period for ending cabal rule of the Earth. That being said, it is wise to protect yourself from unasked astral travellers who may want to affect your vibrational state negatively.

Don’t fall prey to negative thoughts! use the following techniques from the FB group We Are Sovereign Beings presented by member Joy Rodgers, and…



Stay Closed to Psychic Intrusion

Don’t answer questions about yourself from people who don’t need to know the answer. They may be merely fishing for their own advantage in reference to you.

Don’t seek permission from people who are not in authority. It is a way of giving your power away.

Don’t ask advice from anyone who is not in a position to know the answer.

Don’t interject yourself in conversations that are not concerning you.

Don’t give advice that no one has asked for.

When you are in public places, and your mood changes suddenly, try to equivocate it with your surroundings. For instance if you are in the mall and start feeling desperate about finances, it could be you walking in to the energy of someone was there before you. Just like you can stand in someones pee in a pool, you can stand in someone’s sadness in the mall. Try to shake feelings off so as not to keep the one that’s not yours.

Understand the energy exchange behind everything that transpires. Much of language is meant to subjugate each other. Comparisons are a way to level your individuality. Saying “Don’t do that or that will happen” is a curse we put on each others. Much of people’s opinions are a curse so don ‘t open yourself up to them.

Asking someone’s opinion is many times seeking validation. know that you don’t need to be validated by anyone else.

If you accept a gift from someone, you are allowing their energy into your own field. It is best not to accept gifts from someone you don’t like.

If you have an aversion to someone, something, or some place, pay attention to it. Your innate intelligence is telling you something. If you get a bad feeling going somewhere, it may because it is not healthy for you energetically.

You know when you are not being respected. Don’t go, or be anywhere where you are not honored. Obligation is no excuse. You are too important.

Respect the rights of others. There is no quicker way for the Universe to give you lessons on your blind spots than to put you in the position of those you have judged. Pay attention to who you judge and see if you do not see the grain of similarity in your own experiences.

Refuse to take sides when two loved ones are in disagreement. When two people in your circle have an argument, you may be recruited as the moral compass. Refrain from allowing your ego to be stroked in this way.

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